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Committee Approves Same-Day Voter Registration Bill

Californians would be able to register and vote on Election Day under a bill approved by a state legislative committee Tuesday. Democratic Assemblyman Mike Feuer wrote the bill. He said other states have made the change, and voter turnout has increased, and it would be the same in California.

"My bill enables someone who's been inspired in the waning days of an election to be able to go to the polls and cast their ballot and express their will for who should represent them," said Feuer.

Currently, Californians must register to vote at least fifteen days prior to an election. Under Feuer's bill, you could register any time before - or on - Election Day.


Opponents of same-day voter registration claim it could lead to long lines and voter fraud.

Feuer said his bill wouldn't take effect until a statewide voter database is finished - several years from now. That will allow election workers to check whether a person has already voted or is already registered.