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Lily Pond Receives Temporary Repairs

Temporary fixes were completed today at the iconic lily pond at Balboa Park, which was damaged during a water gun fight that got out of control.

City workers have refilled the water in the rectangular pool in front of the park's Botanical Gardens, patched up damaged plumbing and planted new flowers.

Work on permanent repairs is slated for this fall. City officials estimate the complete restoration of the 97-year-old feature will cost around $19,000.


"In the fall, with the change of the plant seasons, this fountain will be drained, the plumbing fixes will be changed from temporary to a permanent fix, lilies will be replanted, the suspended platforms will be rebuilt (and) the whole area will be replanted," Jim Hughes, of Friends of Balboa Park, told NBC 7/39.

At a news conference on Monday, Parks and Recreation Director Stacey LoMedico said the permanent plumbing repairs will take place late this fall or early winter, when the lilies go dormant.

Hughes said his organization has collected about $13,000 in donations to restore the lily pond. Donations can be made at

The water fight, which was promoted via social media, attracted hundreds of people around midnight on Aug. 11-12. With the fountain closed for repairs, participants sought water refills from the lily pond, resulting in broken pipes and trampled landscaping.

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