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Fewer Californians Like High Speed Rail or New Pension Law


A new survey shows that two critical issues in California – pension reform and high speed rail– are NOT sitting well with voters.

The survey shows that more Californians are opposed to high speed rail and think the recently-signed pension legislation doesn’t do enough to address unfunded costs.

The survey was conducted by the California Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University. It showed that only 39 percent of voters support high speed rail, while 43 percent oppose it.


Voters were given arguments from both supporters and critics and asked to choose which one they agree with.

The most support for the project came from Northern Californians, while voters in southern and central parts of the state generally opposed it. The survey also found that almost 34 percent of voters say the new pension law doesn’t go far enough, 30 percent believe it’s a balanced solution, and 17 percent say it goes too far.