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Registering To Vote Will Soon Be Paperless For Californians

Californians will soon have a completely paperless way to register to vote.

Voters have already been able to go online and fill out a form to register, but signature verification still required mailing.

The next step is complete online voter registration for anyone who has a signature with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


California Secretary of State Debra Bowen said that could happen with the next few days. She said more than ninety percent of eligible voters have a driver's license or California ID.

"I think we will see more people register to vote, it's already been easy but this makes it even easier," said Bowen.

She said online voter registration will also improve accuracy by eliminating typos or misread handwriting.

County elections officials could see a cost-savings. In Arizona, online voter registration saved some counties eighty-three cents per registration.