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Asians Have Lowest Voter Registration, Turnout In San Diego

Asian & Pacific-American Coalition's June meeting.
Asian & Pacific American Coalition
Asian & Pacific-American Coalition's June meeting.

The Asian population in San Diego has grown by nearly 25 percent in the last decade and has been increasingly involved in the city’s political scene.

Yet according to US Census Bureau estimates, just 52 percent of eligible Asian residents in the city are registered to vote. That’s compared to between 59 percent and 74 percent for other ethnic groups nationally. When it comes to actually voting, the Bureau found that in November 2008, about 48 percent of registered Asian voters cast ballots on Election Day, compared to between 50 percent and 66 percent for all other ethnic groups nationally.

Mitz Lee is with San Diego’s Asian Pacific American Coalition. She said the group is working to improve the numbers through voter registration drives, community outreach and by working to increase political awareness.


“We need to give Asian voters a reason to vote on Election Day,” she said. “So, through the redistricting and bring candidates and community members together to discuss issues and priorities in their respective communities, we have helped Asian votes matter in San Diego this election year.”

Lee said she’s confidant her group’s efforts will lead to increased voter registration and turnout among Asians in San Diego.

The deadline for voter registration in San Diego County is October 22.