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Review Of Election Day Ballot Measures

Review Of Election Day Ballot Measures
Californians will decide the fate of 11 ballot measures Tuesday – including three tax measures, three crime-and-punishment initiatives and a Battle Royale over political contributions.

Eleven California propositions are on Tuesday's ballot -including three tax measures, three law-and-order initiatives and a big fight over campaign contributions.

Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler said most of the focus will be on two measures in particular:

"Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown's sales and income tax initiative … and Prop 32, the big battle over union and corporate campaign contributions. These two initiatives have attracted the most money, the most attention and the most controversy. And you could argue their results could have the biggest impact on California government and politics in both the short-term and long-term."


Other initiatives include Prop 34, which would abolish the death penalty in California, and Prop 36, which would adjust the state's "Three Strikes" law.

The final statewide measure might be the trickiest for voters. Prop 40 is a referendum on California's newly-drawn State Senate districts. A "yes" vote keeps the new districts. A "no" vote rejects them.

The 2024 primary election is March 5. Find in-depth reporting on each race to help you understand what's on your ballot.