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San Diego Mayor Has New Job Once He Leaves Office

Monaliza Noor

Jerry Sanders will step in as president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce the day after he turns the city's top political office over to Mayor-Elect Bob Filner on Dec. 3.

Sanders called it a natural professional transition because he's already worked on a lot of the issues he'll be dealing with at the chamber.

"I've worked with a lot of people over a long period of time and I think that's one of the chamber's roles, pushing business," said Sanders.


"And we have 90,000 small businesses in San Diego. That is across the entire community. They live in every neighborhood and I think that's the story we want to get out. Small business is what creates jobs and we're going to work to make sure they have that opportunity."

Sanders began thinking about the position last month when chamber board member Vince Mudd approached him about the idea.

Sanders led the United Way before he was mayor. He was also San Diego's Police Chief.