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Poll: Filner's Approval Rating As San Diego's Mayor Is 40%

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner on the set of KPBS Evening Edition, February 2013.
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner on the set of KPBS Evening Edition, February 2013.

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Bob Filner's approval rating after nearly three months as San Diego's mayor is 40 percent, according to a poll by Survey USA.

Of 500 adults sampled on behalf of 10News Thursday, 47 percent disapproved of the ex-congressman's performance and 13 percent had no opinion.

His approval was lowest among adults under 35 years old at 29 percent, Republicans at 23 percent and conservatives at 28 percent, according to the poll. It was highest among those 55 or over at 47 percent, blacks at 63 percent, Democrats at 56 percent and liberals at 48 percent.


Filner's time in office has been marked by public verbal confrontations with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and City Council President Todd Gloria, and a slowdown in moving legislation and municipal contracts to the City Council for approval.

"It's a period of adjustment, I call it," Goldsmith said after a news conference Wednesday at which the mayor showed up unannounced and made critical comments to reporters. "He's coming from Congress where it's a different arena."

The city attorney said he's "okay" with Filner's personality, describing him as "a free spirit."

Filner's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

More than half of those surveyed -- 56 percent -- said the public disagreements were inappropriate, compared to 35 percent who supported the mayor for challenging other elected officials.


The poll also found that 55 percent believed Filner's behavior could impact city business a lot, but the poll question did not specify whether the perceived effect would be positive or negative.