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City Employee Levels New Allegations Against Filner

Joined by attorney Gloria Allred, Peggy Shannon, 67, accuses Mayor Bob Filner of unwanted sexual advances at a press conference, Aug. 15, 2013.
Tarryn Mento
Joined by attorney Gloria Allred, Peggy Shannon, 67, accuses Mayor Bob Filner of unwanted sexual advances at a press conference, Aug. 15, 2013.

Another woman came forward Thursday in the Bob Filner sexual harassment scandal.

City Employee Levels New Allegations Against Filner
Another woman comes forward: Peggy Shannon, 67, said the mayor kissed her, made lewd comments and repeatedly asked for dates.

In a tearful, frank statement, Peggy Shannon, 67, said Bob Filner kissed her, repeatedly grabbed her hands, made lewd, suggestive comments and asked her for a date again and again after she'd already said no.

Shannon works part-time at the senior-information desk at City Hall. Her attorney, Gloria Allred, said Shannon has filed a complaint with the city regarding the mayor's behavior and that it is under investigation.


Shannon is not suing the mayor or the city at this time, Allred said. She has, however, asked for a letter of apology from Filner and she requests that he resign. No apology has been forthcoming, the attorney noted.

Shannon said that on the day earlier this year when the mayor suddenly kissed her "on the lips," she went home and cried, anxious and fearful that she might lose her job if she reported the incident.

Allred said that subsequently, Filner told Shannon during one of many uncomfortable visits to her desk in the City Hall lobby that he, "could go eight hours straight." The lewd intent in the comment was clear, the attorney added.

The attorney played off that reference in reiterating her insistence that Filner resign:

"Mr. Mayor, you said you could go eight hours; we don't care how long you can go, we just want you to go!"


Shannon said she works part-time at the Senior Citizens Service Desk in City Hall to help supplement the payments she gets from Social Security. Allred told reporters that Shannon will continue to work at City Hall.

All of the accusations, statements and apologies from the key players in the developing story about allegations of sexual harassment in Mayor Bob Filner's office and calls from former mayoral supporters for his resignation.

Allred is also representing three other women: Irene McCormack Jackson filed a suit last month against the mayor and the city of San Diego citing specific examples of lewd behavior by the mayor.

The other two are Michelle Tyler, a licensed nurse, and Katherine Ragazzino, a U.S. Marine.

Tyler claims Mayor Filner made unwanted sexual advances toward her while she was trying to get help for Ragazzino, who she said was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and spent 18 months in the hospital for injuries she sustained while in Iraq.

At least a dozen other women have come forward with similar allegations of sexual misconduct by the mayor.