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Public Safety

San Diegans Drawn To Ocean Beach To Watch For Tsunami

More than 100 spectators gathered at Ocean Beach Pier to watch for signs of the tsunami surge, that was expected around 8:40 a.m. Friday. There was a significant media presence, handful of law enforcement and lifeguards on alert.

Since the pier was not closed, spectators took advantage of the view, despite warnings.

Surfers also took advantage of the increased wave activity. One surfer emerged from the water at 8:45 a.m. saying he felt slightly "more juice" than normal.


Lifeguards on duty told KPBS they were called in early, but there were no additional lifeguards needed.

Law enforcement said they were present to "keep the peace" but not to restrict access to the pier and beach.

Many who gathered were on their cell phones, reporting what they were seeing, taking photographs and video.

The 8:40 a.m. advisory came and went without a noticeable surge, but foggy conditions may have limited the view.

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