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Public Safety

Study: California Rural Roads Getting Worse

If driving on California’s narrow, two-lane back roads has you a little shaky, a national transportation group says you should be.

The Road Information Program or TRIP says California has the fifth highest rural traffic fatality rate in the nation. The group released numbers Thursday showing thirty-eight percent of all traffic deaths in California occurred on rural roads.

TRIP blames deteriorating roads and a lack of safety features. TRIP is a nonprofit Washington DC group that lobbies for road improvement spending.

Bert Sandman is with Transportation California, a group that promotes road construction projects. He believes the state’s non-Interstate roads are on track to get even worse.

“With the soon looming expiration of Proposition’s 1B funding, California’s going to lose $20 billion worth of infrastructure revenue," Sandman said.

Sandman is urging state and federal lawmakers to allocate more money for roads.