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Public Safety

Legislators Propose More Ammunition Laws

A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would regulate ammunition sales. It’s among a number of bills designed to reduce gun violence.

Democratic Assemblymember Nancy Skinner’s bill would require ammunition sellers be licensed and report sales to the Department of Justice. It would also require purchasers to show identification.

Skinner said the bill would enforce the same control on bullet sales that the state already exercises with guns.

“You can buy bullets anywhere, anyone, no procedures at all there is no registry of who bought a bullet," said Skinner. "In fact it is easier to buy bullets right now than it is to buy cigarettes, alcohol or Sudafed cold medicine.”

The bill would also ban any device that allows a gun to fire ten rounds without reloading.

It would also require the Department of Justice to notify law enforcement if someone purchases a large amount of ammunition.

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