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Quality of Life

Uninsured Patients in San Diego To Get Free Surgeries

Forty-six uninsured San Diegans will get surgeries and other medical procedures tomorrow for free. That's thanks to a number of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who will be donating their time.

It's a collaborative effort between Kaiser Permanente and the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation.

Volunteer surgeons will be repairing hernias, removing cataracts, and doing a variety of orthopedic procedures. Gastroenterologist Daniel Anderson says it's a great experience to help people in need.

"Everyone is happy, I think it's a morale builder for the entire medical group that gets to participate," says Dr. Anderson. "I enjoy working every day, but this is sort of especially nice."

The patients were identified by local community clinics. All of the surgeries and other medical care will be done at a Kaiser facility in Otay Mesa.

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