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Report Shines Light On County Variation In California's Health Safety Net

A new survey conducted by health consumer advocates finds California's safety net for the uninsured varies widely by county.

Report Shines Light on County Variation in California's Health Safety Net
A new report from California health advocates suggests the state’s safety net for the uninsured looks vastly different depending on what county you live in.

Health Access said millions of Californians likely are to go without insurance under the Affordable Care Act. That will happen because of factors including immigration status, missed enrollment deadlines or being priced out of the requirement to buy coverage.

Anthony Wright with Health Access said people living in counties without a strong safety net will continue to feel the effects of being uninsured.


"Living sicker, dying younger, being one emergency away from financial ruin. It's the problem of a community, of having public health problems going unchecked," Wright said.

California counties legally are required to provide health care for the uninsured.

Wright said the local governments currently are making decisions about how they will provide for the population in the coming years.