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Bicyclists To Rally To Demand More Paths In Coronado

Bicyclists To Rally To Demand More Paths In Coronado

Bicyclists on Saturday will roll through Coronado in an effort to gain support for more bike lanes.

The San Diego County Bike Coalition planned the event after the City Council suspended an idea to add 12 miles of bike paths to the city of Coronado. The proposal is a part of the city's 2011 Bike Master Plan.

Andy Hanshaw, executive director of the coalition, is asking the City Council to move forward with its master plan.


"Coronado can be congested and this would help ease that congestion," Hanshaw said. "In addition, we know that bikes bring business to small businesses in particular. You can see that when tourists ride around there and visitors come over on the ferry, they go over there to spend money."

According to the coalition, 70 percent of students bike or walk to school. But between 2005 and 2012, there were 803 collisions between bicycles and cars, motorcycles or trucks.

"We think it makes sense to add more bike safety enhancements to attract more bicycle riders," Hanshaw said. "That will help everybody on the roadway."

Mayor Casey Tanaka plans to put the issue before voters in 2016.