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First Person

KPBS' recurring series that tells the stories of San Diegans in their own words, offering a unique lens into the news of the day.

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First Person: Encinitas Mom Goes Zero Waste

In an effort to get her body as healthy as possible before trying to start a family, Encinitas resident Michelle Andrews began paying closer attention to what was in her food, where it came from and how it was packaged.

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Supporting LGBTQ Youth In San Diego’s South Bay

Lucero Camarena works to empower trans youth at the newly opened LGBTQ Youth Center in Chula Vista.

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From Living In Car With 3 Children To A Home

Lola Cheatham and her family were homeless for four years. In December, that changed. She moved into an apartment with her three daughters and their father with the help of rapid rehousing funds from the San Diego Housing Commission.

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Remembering And Honoring Departed Loved Ones On Dia De Los Muertos

Pita Verdin, a longtime resident of San Diego’s Sherman Heights neighborhood, has been creating a Dia de Los Muertos altar in her father’s memory for nearly 20 years.

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‘San Diego Has Become My New Puerto Rico’

It's been a year since Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Tens of thousands of people left the island for the mainland, including singer and songwriter Laura Reyes, who settled in San Diego.

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San Diego Landlord Makes It His ‘Mission’ To Rent To The Homeless

Real estate developer and landlord Matt Philbin has chosen to rent to those who often get passed by.

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Kadir Nelson On His Artistic Upbringing

Long before he was an acclaimed artist and illustrator, Kadir Nelson was a student at public schools in San Diego and Chula Vista.

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Making Music Education Accessible For All Children

Dalouge Smith has helped the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory in expanding its mission to include making music education affordable and accessible for all children. Smith is stepping down from his position as CEO of the organization.

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Finding A Safe Space In A San Diego Arts Organization

Urban Beats uses art as a platform for young adults to express themselves to improve their well-being and become more self-sufficient.

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I Moved To San Diego To Be Closer To Comic-Con

Comic-Con seems like the perfect place for Nathan Donovan. So perfect that he decided to move to San Diego to be closer to the pop-culture convention.