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The Parker Meridien Announce New Album And Perform In The KPBS Studio

 August 1, 2019 at 9:05 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 Summertime brings out the music in San Diego from the Bay side, summer nights to Humphreys by the bay to dozens of concerts and parks and festivals across the county midday edition. You know, we didn't want to let the music passes by. So we are starting our own San Diego summer music series and we begin with San Diego's award winning hip hop rap artists. The Parker Meridian. Here's Maureen Jazz and hip hop might have more in common than you think. Both arose from the black experience. Both are rooted in improvisation and both changed the way the world listens to music. Nathan Hubbard and Parker Edison met at the intersection of jazz and hip hop, but they didn't simply blend the two sounds. They used what they had and made something wildly original. Nathan and Parker and John Reader on base are the band, the Parker Meridian winners of this year. San Diego Music Awards for best hip hop rap artists and best hip hop rap album. And here they are with their song 40 foot tall, Speaker 2: 01:00 40 foot tall, 40 foot tall, 40 foot tall, 40 foot tall. Speaker 3: 01:11 No [inaudible] you make new died wrong. If you had to live, that means that you drink new die because you heartless [inaudible] beat street and mean need needs up. My blow started. I couldn't afford up on murmur. I cam up here and end up with tracking the numbers. A younger up, up with spread. If I open up shop pain and locking in stock with a box full, the waste backing down from the sentencing Django swift spring. [inaudible] what's wrong with that later, right man, I'm only get it pickled by a goalie and I got an after plan. I am, I take Speaker 4: 02:11 [inaudible] make money cause clothes don't make meals. I call it boxing cause that's how this day feels like I'm fine but with my having the gate, let me get my grandma [inaudible] no other way to do it. I was up in the note game archive, rich and fluid. He's got his back. I'm going to loosen the can. I think the truth of it is [inaudible] I'm from a place, whatever. We'll let yellow acorn five oh it's fucking like a deep voice. Paid a call about my numbers. Like I helped you to Nate and said, I'm all about my numbers like [inaudible]. Speaker 3: 02:42 Oh Man, I'm going to get it, man. I got it. I might, hold on. Let's go and take over the world, man. I got a master plan. Let's pull up to the bank. Yo, we hopped off the car. Everyone just runs it. We got the snake Speaker 4: 03:00 and it's like 2040 50 80 potty, honey. I want to hunt it and I'm trying to get to all the money. That was one. [inaudible] funding. I want a hundred [inaudible] 2040 800 I'm trying to [inaudible]. Speaker 1: 03:23 Wow, thank you. That was the Parker meridian off their latest album, 25th street sessions and it's called 40 foot tall. The Parker Meridian is Parker Edison on vocals. Parker, welcome. Good morning. Nathan Hubbard on drums and samples. Nathan. Hello. Hello. Thanks for having us and John Reader on base. Welcome to midday edition. Thank you. Nathan, you were playing drums in that last song, but I noticed you were also doing some samples. Do you sample your own music in a performance? Speaker 3: 03:53 Oh yeah, definitely. There's definitely our voice. Everything that we use a is a sample of ourselves, like 40 foot tall started with that hook. I was driving around really late at night. I had got off work or something and I have one of those apps on my phone that you can record into and I just, you know, 40 foot tall. I was kind of like hilarious and creepy and really interesting in a lot of ways. So that 40 foot tall is just me and it's pitch shifted down a little. So it sounds more manly Speaker 1: 04:22 Parker. Lots of the lyrics. I mean they sound, I know they're not, but they always sound improvised. Like you're telling somebody a story. Speaker 3: 04:29 [inaudible] cause you are right. You're having a conversation with the listener. Right. And is that hard to pull off all the time? I mean it's the same story, right? Suits because it sits differently in different environments. So you get in a referee environment and they relate to it. You get to an alien environment and they take it in as spectacle. You get into someone who's feeling experimental in their, you know, their, they're digging the sonic value of it. So it always has kind of a different layer for different listenings. Speaker 1: 05:00 Now, Nathan, you and Parker have both been working in the San Diego music scene. Nate in jazz, Parker in hip hop. How did you meet? Speaker 3: 05:09 We actually, I think the first time we ever shook hands was on stage. He came up and literally just out of the audience and sat in with a group. I had at seven grand in North Park and we did a couple of songs. So you, she just met and you were on the mic. Life is good sometimes. What were your musical influences? Did you start out in jazz? No, not at all actually. I, you know, I, I'm a huge fan of avant garde jazz and free jazz and a lot of 1960s jazz there. Nathan and I connect on that level, but I'm not necessarily educated in jazz and certainly not educated in hip hop. This has been an education now. What are you working on for your next album? It's kind of cool. I think right now we're like, we're in the thinking of the brainstorm phase. We have a set of songs put together. I think it's coming together kind of organically. We're going to get kind of a sneak peek. Artway yeah, one Speaker 1: 05:58 new tune and and it's called a thin line. Okay, thank you. Speaker 5: 06:04 Good. Speaker 6: 06:10 [inaudible] Speaker 3: 06:12 it's some new music. When you draw the line, keep your ears open. There might be a new album. Do Cross the line. Take the Mito. You got no spine. It's gonna be a new album. It's up there. Hey. Hey. When you draw the line, when you brought up the line, you crossed the line. When you cross the line that those spine, nope. Nope, nope, nope. Where do you draw the line when you cross the line? Roth Cross? Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Nope. Out there. When you draw the line, when you draw, when you cross that little spot. Nope. Nope, nope. You seen them both in the joint. These you libor folk get a couple buckets. Photo duck is like they seem apple has going to be, if they own it and they tell you that man, you looking crazy, you too big. You see it written protocol book. David keeps it out. My Po. One day you gone. Oh wake up like a thousand cups up coffee. I'll be in you and help me. Daddy has an outstanding woman. Bodie questions on that? I'll add Mitch out of the see me. See you off double proxio level broad IQ was at the elbow reading, reading reader, Rian catcher rookie out trying to make a story out of me there that they outfit. It's up in line and you draw the line when you brought up new cross the line crossing those spine? Nope. Nope, nope, nope. [inaudible] Speaker 7: 08:09 [inaudible] Speaker 3: 08:09 back in the middle. Like a calendar. Always bear. No. Jack goes towards his daughter's clothes. We take up this cat to me, that is the sound of this up cat. He just got US [inaudible] by five. I've got the note at that though. [inaudible] Speaker 7: 08:39 [inaudible] [inaudible]. Speaker 3: 08:47 Hey. Hey. [inaudible] us here right now. A radio you can't see because I just came in. Oh, this is that 22 brain instance. Six monkeys dues, right? Campbell's and just, Oh, this is why it's never been this. When you crossed the line, got no spine. Nope. Speaker 5: 09:36 Nope. Nope, nope, nope, no that there's no way that thing go. Speaker 1: 09:51 New music from the Parker Meridian. I really want to thank Parker and Nathan and John, the Parker Meridian for being here and being part of our San Diego summer music series. Thanks a lot. The Parker Meridian performed this Saturday at four at the Carlsbad music festival to see video of their in studio performance. Go to music series and next week on our summer music series, we prevent present. That is a studio performance by Rebecca jade and the cold fact.

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The San Diego band, the Parker Meridien, performs as part of the KPBS Midday Edition Summer Music Series.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments