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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Oral Storytelling At The Old Globe, Italian Film Festival And A Virtual Goth Night

 September 25, 2020 at 9:31 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 Our arts and culture picks for this weekend. Preview feature a masterclass in the oral storytelling traditions, a virtual launch party for the San Diego Italian film festival, a retrospective protest photography exhibition, and some live streamed goth music. Joining me is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans with all the details and welcome Julia. Hi Maureen. Now first up the old Globes Friday night, digital offering features BB mamma tonight. Tell us a little about word up and mama's work. Speaker 2: 00:36 Yeah, we're at ups. One of the digital arts programs, the old globe has set out during the pandemic. It's kind of part showcase part masterclass and part hang session. And this week they're bringing in BD mama who's at first generation Ben and he's American. She is an actor and teaching artist, and she's going to be talking about oral storytelling traditions. She learned the West African Yoruba oral storytelling tradition from her father and he is the distinguished storyteller and professor Rofe mamma. And I just found out that Ralph will also be dialing into the event with his daughter kind of a nice silver lining of these virtual events, Speaker 1: 01:15 Globes word up live streams tonight at six on YouTube or the old globe website and in the live music world, we have something goth to look forward to. Speaker 2: 01:27 Yes, big has FAS hosting, a virtual version of the black Friday golf dance party. They have live DJ sets as well as a band performing on their stage. Uh, San Diego has this vibrant goth night scene. So it'll kind of be hard to measure up to that dimly lit dance floor vibe, but it should be a longer and more robust version of the Casbah is regular live streamed, empty venue concerts, which I've been loving. And the band, the passengers will perform a set of their ultra dark post punk music. Here's a brand new track from them. It was just released on a compilation called presence, not absence by Southern California based full our records, that benefits housing relief for trans people of color. It's a great album and worth looking up on band camp. And the passenger song is called until the world falls apart, which is timely [inaudible] that was the Speaker 1: 03:00 Passengers with, until the world falls apart. So get out your black lipstick and tune in tonight at eight 30 on the Casbar's Twitch channel next, the San Diego Italian film festival will it takes place next month, but this Sunday is their official launch party. Julia, tell us about this virtual event. Speaker 2: 03:22 Yeah, so the theme of the virtual program, um, is activism. And on Sunday you can get a preview of some of these films meet some of the directors he'll be dialing in from Italy and also get some musical performances from locals, Mark and Landon Akiyama, they'll be playing their interpretations of some of their favorite Morricone film scores. They'll also screen an animated short film. They scored called brush, which is a very sweet look at a boy's life I'll seen from the bathroom mirror while he's brushing his teeth or not. And don't miss the festivals gelato delivery. Speaker 1: 04:00 The San Diego Italian film festival launch party takes place Sunday at 11 in the visual arts world. Hillstreet country club opens a new retrospective exhibition of photographer. Johnny [inaudible] work. Tell us about him. Speaker 2: 04:15 Yeah, the show is called normalize radical and it Chronicles the decade when had spent photographing protests and counterculture movements beginning with the occupy San Diego movement and leading right up until the summers protests against police brutality and racial injustice. His aim as an artist is to use his photo journalistic chops to help tell the stories of these people and the causes at the center of street activism. Speaker 1: 04:43 And this is actual in-person art. Speaker 2: 04:46 Yeah, he'll streets doing a new twist on the opening reception. They're offering two full days of socially distance, small group receptions. This weekend. You hadn't told me this week that he kind of welcomes the shift away from the art party style and looks forward to having visitors more able to spend time with the art. And also the exhibition will also be available to view and shop online if you're not quite ready for an in person event, Speaker 1: 05:16 Normalize radical open Saturday and Sunday from one to seven and by appointment at Oceanside's Hillstreet country club also Hill street country club is virtually hosting a live streamed musical performance on Monday. Tell us about a mentor. Abiato Speaker 2: 05:34 Yeah, here's something to ease us back into the work week. You can tune into Hill Street's Instagram for Portland based Amenta. [inaudible] who's doing a benefit for the venues, artists support stipend program. Abby Yoda is a singer songwriter, producer, and performance artist. Her works mystical and raw, and she's influenced by jazz gospel, instrumental music and electronic synth in these solo loop based performances. I really love watching Lupe musicians perform live. It's such this intricate art form, so let's listen to one of her legs. Speaker 3: 06:48 [inaudible] Speaker 1: 06:48 Union to Hillstreet country clubs, Instagram account Monday at 6:30 PM for more arts events or to sign up for the KPBS arts newsletter, go to And I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. Julia. Thanks. Speaker 2: 07:05 Thank you, Marie. And have a good weekend.

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Our arts and culture picks for the weekend ahead feature an oral tradition workshop, innovative digital theater, the launch party for the San Diego Italian Film Festival, a new protest photography exhibition, a livestreamed goth night from the Casbah and songwriter Amenta Abioto.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments