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Todd Gloria Sworn In As San Diego's 37th Mayor

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The former assemblyman for California's 78th State Assembly District, City Councilman and Interim Mayor in 2013 thanked the diverse San Diegan community for electing him to the position.

Speaker 1: 00:01 San Diego has a new mayor.

Speaker 2: 00:02 Hi Todd, Gloria do solemnly swear glory.

Speaker 1: 00:05 Yeah. Is the first person of color and the first LGBTQ person to lead San Diego in a speech following his swearing in ceremony. Gloria promised an aggressive strategy over the next 100 days to address the health, housing and economic crises caused by COVID-19. Here's more of what he had to say this morning.

Speaker 2: 00:24 We will recover and build back better and stronger from COVID-19. We will stand up for workers and create good pain, local jobs. It brings neighborhood improvements to all corners of our city. We will center racial justice and equity, not just in public safety, but in everything we do recognizing that black lives matter. And we will fully and faithfully implement our climate action plan to ensure that the city that we love is here for generations to come.

Speaker 1: 00:59 And we'll hear directly from mayor Tom Gloria in an interview tomorrow on midday edition.

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