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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: Blues, Douglass Versus Lincoln, And Remembering Voz Alta

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Our weekend arts and culture picks deliver in-person art at Best Practice, the San Diego Blues Fest and North Coast Rep's new production of “Necessary Sacrifices.”

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend, you can catch a virtual play featuring Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas. Fill your afternoon with the sound of blues or take a self guided civic minded exterior art tour. We also have a few recommendations for honoring the anniversary of nine 11. Joining me with the weekend preview is KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon, Evans, and Julia. Welcome. Hi, Maureen. Today is the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. What are some local ways we can honor that without being able to get, get together? Yeah, there's a few things you can do on your own time. Uh, runners and walkers around the world are doing a 5k and then posting online with the hashtag nine 11 heroes run and another local hiking option. If you can find a time that's not too hot or not too crowded, it's fall bricks. Monsour at mountain. It's a steep three mile round trip hike, but there are 18 trail markers along the trail that represent every 10 floors on the former world trade center towers.

Speaker 1: 01:09 And it's really a beautiful area up there. And even though you can make a trip like that any weekend, this weekend would be especially meaningful. Okay, so what's going on in the theater this weekend? So North coast repertory theaters necessary sacrifices just opened virtually. This is a pretty new play and it's a two person cast featuring Hawthorne James, and an intense for trailer. Frederick Douglas alongside Ray chambers playing Abraham Lincoln. It sat in a series of confrontations between those two leaders. It's kind of hard not to get that refrain from Hamilton in the room where it happened in your head thinking about this one, and it was staged and filmed as a full production and you can stream it online. It's kind of a nice option. If you're tired of zoom theater, here's a clip for you.

Speaker 2: 02:04 We have lived by your side for two centuries and you are as ignorant of who we really are as ever black men and women hung from lampposts. And that was in the North. Why not simply go and save yourselves from the trouble because I was sweat and blood mixed in this earth every bit, as much as yours.

Speaker 1: 02:38 Wow. That was a scene from North coast. Repertories necessary sacrifices and it's streaming on demand through October 11th. Also this weekend is the annual San Diego blues festival. How are they adapting to the pandemic? Yeah, this year is their 10th anniversary and it's a bit bittersweet because they can't hold the festival in person, but they put together a great two hour set the Saturday afternoon and they're raising money to support the San Diego food bank. They have local Whitney Shea who was featured in our summer music series earlier this summer. Plus the Bay areas, Tommy Costa, and the painkillers Southern Avenue, watermelon slim, and then the Mississippi based mr. Sip. Here's mr. Sips jump the broom.

Speaker 3: 03:40 [inaudible] take you down 55 here. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: 03:58 That was mr. Sip. Part of the virtual San Diego blues festival. You can stream the festival online tomorrow. And finally, I hear you have a self guided arts recommendation for us. Yeah. So as you know, this week is the first annual San Diego design week. It's going on three Sunday. And while there's plenty of online panels, even some in person exhibition and show experiences, there's also a lot of self guided stuff. And a lot of it's viewable from the outside, including an multisite exhibition called get out the vote. A bunch of arts organizations in town like bread and salts and Barrio Logan art produce in North park. [inaudible] art, visual art gallery, and the museum of contemporary art downtown have an exhibition of poster art related to empowering the women's vote. These are all by contemporary women, designers and artists, and they're all viewable on exterior walls or through the window. So you can really take your time with it and do a little driving tour of San Diego art spaces. San Diego design week runs through Sunday. You can check out the, get out the vote poster campaign on the exterior walls of bread and salt art produce and the museum of contemporary art, San Diego for more arts and culture events, or to sign up for the weekly KPBS arts newsletter go to I've been speaking with KPBS arts editor, Julia Dixon Evans, Julia. Thank you. Thank you, Maureen.

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