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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: ‘Toward Belonging,’ Drive-In Opera LOLs, ‘Crying In H-Mart,’ And Exhibitions Closing Soon

 April 30, 2021 at 8:46 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:00 This weekend in the arts, there's a new dance film that highlights the stories of Southeast San Diego. It's our last chance to see an exhibition of works from 30 artists. Living in the border region, also work from some of the finest emerging contemporary artists, studying art today. Journey me with all the details as KPBS arts editor and producer, Julia Dickson, Evans and artists cloudy, Aquino. Who's also the education director at Lux art Institute. Welcome to you both. Thanks Speaker 2: 00:31 For having us, Maureen, thank you for having me. Speaker 1: 00:33 The domestic geographies exhibition at the front gallery in San Ysidro closes in just over a week and Saturday evening, the gallery is holding an open house. Julia, what do we need to know? Speaker 2: 00:44 Well, if you haven't had a chance to see this really incredible group show, now's your chance. Social distancing and mass girls will still be enforced, but they're opening it up to drop in visits on Saturday and the work and the show is incredible with the way 30 different artists experience that domestic realm and Claudia, your work is featured in the show. Can you tell us a little bit about the overall theme of this exhibition and how your work fits in with it? Yeah. Uh, the exhibition was curated by, uh, Ingrid Hernandez, uh, artists and curator, and she invited me to be part of the exhibition, which is a great opportunity for me to show a new body of work that I've been working on the last, uh, year during the pandemic. And it deals with, you know, domestic issues, uh, by using appropriated images and, uh, talking about the role of Latin its communities in the country, especially, uh, domestic workers, Speaker 1: 01:47 The domestic geographies exhibition open house takes place Saturday from five to eight at the front. Speaker 2: 01:54 Claudia, you have one other show you'd like to recommend we check out this weekend. Can you tell us all about that? Yeah, we'll assume students last Friday, uh, measurements of progress open to the public is the AI, uh, in McGuire park. And it is a group of, uh, grad students from UCLA in the masters of fine arts. Uh, and they are, you know, showing the final show that deals with, you know, step of human progress from a historical and contemporary point of view and the speculative, uh, vision. So it is a fun show. Very interesting, very engaging Speaker 1: 02:33 Measurements of progress is on view by appointment at San Diego art Institute in Balboa park. Now through May 30th and Julia you're recommending a dance film commissioned by the LA Jolla Playhouse. Tell us a little bit about towards belonging. Speaker 2: 02:48 Yeah. So this is part of the play has this digital without walls festival and they called on choreographer and an app Mariah Raimi, who she just last year launched them Mariah performing arts center in Chula Vista. And she worked with Ebony Harvey filmmaker to put together this new dance film film that the arts park at choice Creek. And it features movements at 10 narrated, personal stories, graffiti art spoken word and music. And it's focused on the stories of Southeast San Diego and the personal impacts of systemic racism. That Playhouse is hosting a watch party Saturday morning at 11, with Q and a with the choreographer and the filmmaker and some of the Playhouse leadership. And here's a short scene from towards the longing where dancer Hannah Pritchett is she's dancing between chain link, fences along a short path. And she reads her story kind of like Speaker 3: 03:47 On the other side, I stand as I am. Oftentimes I felt like a foreigner that truly never belongs outsider peering in from the outside. Never quite enough as I am not enough of one thing too much of another from childhood, I've been told that I don't belong and to go back home, but how do you go back home when you don't know what home is, where home is, how do you tell a child that they do not belong for being born the way they are born retrained by perceptions of what I am supposed to be versus what I actually am restrained by ideas of how I'm supposed to lock because of where I come from restrained by judgment, ingrained prejudice and preconceived notions, which I have no control over. Speaker 2: 04:40 That's from towards belonging from the LA Jolla Playhouse, Claudia, you have a background in performance art, and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on filmed performance art and filmed dance as researching during the pandemic. I think that in general, and right now art are making and creativity is all what we need to keep aware of mental health, you know, healthy, and it's so important to be either seen or participating or creating. And it has, you know, in many communities as I have seen it in my job, as in my practice has saved us. Right? So I think that it's so important in performing is a way to express the body and the mind. So, um, um, you know, driven to, to suggest to be active and involved the LA Jolla Playhouse dance film towards belonging launches online Saturday with a world premier watch slash arts. We've been with Claudia Kanno Speaker 1: 05:58 Artist and education director at Lux art Institute and with KPBS arts editor and producer Julia Dixon Evans. Thank you both. Speaker 4: 06:08 Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much.

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This weekend in the arts, there's a new dance film that highlights the stories of Southeast San Diego, it’s our last chance to see an exhibition of works from 30 artists living in the border region. Also work from some of the finest emerging contemporary artists studying art today.
KPBS Midday Edition Segments