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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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An Impeachment Briefing, Meet San Diego’s New Immigration Affairs Manager, Coping With Trauma After Wildfires, Transgender Voting Rights And More

More public hearings are on tap for Friday in the ongoing impeaching inquiry against President Trump. What did we learn from day one? As the “build the wall” chants continue to rock the president’s rallies, San Diego has chosen a different approach on immigration. The city hired a immigration affairs manager. Wildfire season is year round in California and the ... Read more →

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U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments On DACA, How To Vote In California’s Presidential Primary, California Cops With Criminal Convictions And Tijuana’s Growing Craft Beer Craze

Protection for almost 800,000 Dreamers is on the line this week as the U.S. Supreme Court takes on the case over DACA. The Trump administration is attempting to end the DACA program, which offers immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, a temporary reprieve from deportation. San Diego County Registrar of Voters, Michael Vu, joined Midday Edition with what voters ... Read more →

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CBP Accused Of Falsifying Asylum Seekers’ Court Records, How Prop. 187 Ushered In A New Generation Of Immigrant Activists, Les Girls Strip Club Turns Into A Theatre For ‘Heaven Or Hell 3’

Immigration attorneys are alleging that Customs and Border Protection agents are falsifying their client records and sending asylum-seekers back to Mexico indefinitely. Plus, 25 years ago, California voters passed Proposition 187, denying public education and health care to people illegally. A look back at how it galvanized a new generation of immigrant activists. And, this weekend San Diego International Fringe ... Read more →

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Controversial Oceanside Housing Project Approved, San Diego Scientist Warns Of ‘Climate Emergency,’ 50 Years Of ‘Sesame Street’ And More

A housing project on Oceanside’s last remaining agricultural land was narrowly approved Wednesday. It had been rejected three times before. Plus, a San Diego scientist joins more than 11,000 climate researchers warning of a “climate emergency.” As the cost of a college education soars, more students in San Diego are choosing to go to college south of the border. As ... Read more →

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ACLU Files Class Action Suit Over Migrants’ Right To Counsel, San Diego Police Oversight Group A Step Closer To Reality, Homes For Teachers, Coronado Film Fest And More

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Customs and Border Protection, alleging the agency isn’t allowing asylum-seekers to see their lawyers. The San Diego City Council advanced a ballot measure to increase civilian oversight of the police. California is an expensive place to live for teachers and some school districts are considering turning district property into housing. A California native ... Read more →

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Diego, Meet America’s ‘Homewreckers,’ Housing Homeless Cuts Health Care Costs, California’s Teen Birth Rate Hits Historic Low And More

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Oceanside on Monday. Her remarks touched on everything from campaign finance reform to climate change and the ongoing impeachment inquiry. While Americans were loosing their homes during the housing bust, a group of businessmen were making billions of dollars. Investigative reporter Aaron Glantz joins Midday Edition to talk about his new book, “Homewreckers.” Plus, how ... Read more →

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New Baja California Governor Sworn In, The Political Legacy Of Prop. 187, Can Factory-Built Apartments Solve California’s Housing Crisis? Get Better Zzz’s

Baja California has a new governor. Jaime Bonilla was sworn into office Friday and he’s vowing to end cross-border sewage flows within six months. 25 years ago, California voters approved Prop. 187, an anti-immigrant initiative with ties to San Diego and long-lasting political implications. Also, more developers are turning to factory-built housing to help address California’s housing crisis. But will ... Read more →

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California's Sanctuary State Law: Is It Working? San Diego Public Health Officials Preparing For Flu Season, And Art And Science Collide In Vanguard Culture’s Final Show Of 2019

Two years after its passage, a new report looks at how law enforcement agencies are complying with California's "sanctuary state" law. The report finds that compliance in San Diego isn't as strong as it could be. The flu virus is here, and as more San Diegans are getting sick, county officials are preparing for the worse. Plus, this weekend, Vanguard ... Read more →

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‘Extreme’ Fire Conditions Remain In Effect, Baja California Fires Destroy Homes, Kill 3, Plan To Make Gaslamp Quarter Car-Free And More

Even as the Santa Ana winds are dying down, the threat of wildfire still looms for much of San Diego County. Wildfires are also burning south of the border in Baja California where dozens of homes have burned and at least three people have died. Plus, California doctors are coming together to tackle homelessness. Also, a plan to make part ... Read more →

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Thousands In Dark As Wildfire Danger Looms, After Gallagher Trial, Navy Considers Military Justice Reform, Grandparents Join Fight Against Climate Change And More

As the threat of wildfires continue Wednesday, 40,000 people could lose power in San Diego County because of safety shut offs. Plus, San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved turning a dilapidated property in Hillcrest into a behavioral health center that will offer a multitude of mental health services. Also, the Navy is looking at reforming its military justice programs ... Read more →