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Watch Live: House Managers Focus On Obstruction-Of-Congress Charge Against President Trump

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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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Duncan Hunter Resigns, What's Next For The 50th District? San Diego Unified Sues Vaping Company Juul, California’s New Privacy Law, Feeding San Diego Goes To Congress

California Governor Gavin Newsom's office said that no special election will be called following the resignation of Rep. Duncan Hunter. Also, the San Diego Unified School District is suing vaping company Juul Labs over what it calls a youth vaping “epidemic.” We’ll also tell you how California's new privacy law works. Plus, the struggle highly skilled immigrants face finding new ... Read more →

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Trump Vows New Economic Sanctions On Iran, Spring Valley's New Homeless Camp, San Diego Toddler Spawns A Kindness Movement, New Film Series From Film Geeks San Diego

President Trump is vowing new economic sanctions on Iran in response to a missile attack on U.S. bases in Iraq. Plus, a new program clears tickets for homeless people who stay at a bridge shelter for at least 30 days. We’ll also take a look at rising homelessness in Spring Valley. Highly skilled immigrants continue to struggle to find work ... Read more →

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Local Iranian-Americans React To Soleimani’s Death, Lawmakers Reintroduce Controversial Housing Bill, And Meet San Diego's Kitten Lady

San Diego is home to about 60,000 Iranian-Americans. Zohreh Ghahremani, with the Persian Cultural Center in San Diego and author of “Sky of Red Poppies,” a 2012 One Book One San Diego selection, says the community is concerned last week’s killing of General Qassem Soleimani will lead to further violence in the Middle East. As state lawmakers return from the ... Read more →

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US Options Limited In Middle East, The Uncertain Future Of San Diego’s Planning Groups And A Reporter Looks Back At A Decade Of Covering California Politics

With the renewed conflict with Iran, the U.S. has limited options in the Middle East as more troops are deployed there. Plus, San Diego's 42 Community Planning Groups have operated in different ways from each other since they came about in the 70’s. Now, the city is attempting to standardize those operations. Also, California is in need of more teachers, ... Read more →

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Flu Cases Spike Countywide, 2 More Flu-Related Deaths Reported, Top San Diego Events

County health officials have now confirmed 3,838 flu cases since July 1, when tracking for this flu season began. Two more residents died due to flu complications last week while lab-confirmed flu cases spiked to nearly 1,400. And, mark your calendars: here’s what to do in San Diego this January. Tony-Award winning musical, “Dear Evan Hansen” is coming to San ... Read more →

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California 2020 Economic Forecast, A Conversation with Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, and San Diego Students Get Their Feet Wet In Ocean Science

2020 is here and the economy is staying level with low unemployment and a healthy stock market. But economic growth could slow in the new year. The San Diego Union-Tribune named Assemblywoman Shirley Weber the 2019 person of the year. Weber joined Midday Edition to reflect on her recent accomplishments and talk about her legislative priorities heading into 2020. Plus, ... Read more →

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San Diego Jewish Leader Reacts To Rise Of Anti-Semitism, San Diego Sheriff On Fighting Hate And Jail Deaths, Cannabis Cultivation Fines, Rollerderby Comes To Encanto

With last weekend's stabbing in New York and the attack at a Poway synagogue earlier this year, we get reaction from the San Diego Anti-Defamation League on the spate of anti-Semitic violence. Also, San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore discusses what his department is doing to monitor online hate groups and responds to a high number of deaths inside county jails. ... Read more →

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New Year Means New California Laws, More Construction To Stabilize Del Mar Bluffs, Japanese In WWII Internment Camps See History Repeating Itself, And More

With the new year, there are hundreds of new laws that will go into effect — some as a direct result of the devastating wildfires in 2018. Plus, more construction will start in January to stabilize the bluffs next to the rail line in Del Mar. Japanese Latin Americans interned during World War II see parallels with today’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. ... Read more →

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2019 Lists: Voices And Words Of The Year

San Diego’s got its fair share of newsmaker this year. Who made it to the top of the list? Plus, this year’s Merriam-Webster word of the year is only four letters, but has been the cause of heated debates among grammarians.

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San Diego 2020 Climate Goals Not As Rosy As It Seems And Saving Northern White Rhinos From Extinction

San Diego reaches its 2020 climate goals ahead of schedule, but some goals remained elusive and some are not easily measurable. And, there are only two northern white rhinos left in the world, but the San Diego Zoo is trying to save the species from extinction through surrogacy and frozen skin cells.