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LATEST UPDATES: Tracking COVID-19 | Vaccines | Racial Justice

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KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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Biden Administration To Start Processing Asylum-Seekers Sent Back To Tijuana

Right here at the San Diego-Tijuana border, the Biden administration will officially begin to allow thousands of asylum-seekers to re-enter the United States. Plus, residents of wealthier Zip codes are more likely to have been vaccinated than those in low-income areas. And this weekend in the arts: Hill Street Country Club, Red Brontosaurus Records, a world premiere concert, experimental percussion ... Read more →

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California Governor, Lawmakers Set $9.6B Virus Spending Plan

Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders have agreed on a $9.6 billion spending deal aimed at aiding some of those hit hardest by the pandemic. Plus, a USD professor and the Democracy Fund Foundation released a report detailing the physical, psychological and economic costs of political violence in the United States. And the new government entity, called San Diego Community ... Read more →

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Data Analysis Shows Inequity In Vaccine Rollout

The San Diego Union-Tribune analyzed data that show that San Diegans of Latino, Black and Asian descent are being vaccinated at lower rates than their white counterparts. Plus, the Santee city Council calls out Nathan Fletcher, chair of the San Diego Board of Supervisors, for his remarks over the movement to recall Gov. Newsom. And the state of California has ... Read more →

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Vaccine Shipment To Arrive Today

San Diego County is expected to receive a vaccine shipment today that will allow the Petco Park Vaccination Super Station to reopen on Wednesday after being shuttered for three days. Plus, no clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines were done on pregnant or breastfeeding women, standard practice for any new drug or vaccine, but some doctors and medical experts now say ... Read more →

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New Reopening Guidelines For Schools Unveiled

San Diego Unified officials announce the possibility of a partial return to campuses while the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced updated guidance for in-person schools. Plus, nearly 5,000 registered Republicans in San Diego County left the party last month. And pregnant women aren’t getting clear guidance on COVID-19 vaccines. Then, California launches a restoration effort to reshape ... Read more →

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How To Get 1.8 Million San Diegans Vaccinated

The goal is to vaccinate 1.8 million people in San Diego County by July 1. That’s about 70% of the region’s population over age 16. Currently, about 2% of the county's population is fully vaccinated. So, what does the county need to do to reach that goal?

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Health Officials Worry Super Bowl Sunday Could Lead To COVID-19 Spread In San Diego

The Super Bowl is often a time for gathering, but this year health officials warn it could lead to the spread of COVID-19. Plus, the Navy has come out with its long-awaited report on racial bias. Task Force One Navy was created in June, after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. Then, this weekend in ... Read more →

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HIV Vaccine Breakthrough

For 40 years researchers have been working to unlock the key to HIV prevention, now the success of a clinical trial is a first step in realizing that goal. Plus, to address the disparities in health care and to create better outcomes for Black families, San Diego County is launching the “Black Legacy Now” campaign. And, two parents say San ... Read more →

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Biden Forms Taskforce To Reunify Families Separated At Mexican Border

The new administration says it wants to join efforts to reunite families that were separated under President Trump. Plus, outdoor dining is resuming in California, but some restaurant owners and workers are wary of reopening their patios and parking lots. And a UC San Diego lecturer says San Diego’s history with extremism raises the terror threat locally. Then, several BLM ... Read more →

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Vaccines In San Diego: The Whys And Hows

KPBS spoke to San Diego County public health officials about the availability of vaccines, the current difficulty in scheduling a vaccine appointment and the issue of equitable distribution of the vaccine. Plus, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is running for California governor. He says that California has become a failed state under Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. And women ... Read more →