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KPBS Midday Edition

KPBS Midday Edition is a daily talk show hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh and Jade Hindmon, keeping San Diegans in the know on everything from politics to the arts.

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San Diego Man Freed From Life Sentence, Military Racism, Top Weekend Events

A San Diego man was freed from a life sentence under a new state law. Also, in 1969, the military thought it had eliminated racism from its ranks, then troops began rioting, and a look at San Diego’s top weekend events.

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Officer Cleared In Olango Shooting, Del Mar’s Sea Level Rise, Parker Meridien Performs At KPBS

A jury ruled an El Cajon police officer who fatally shot Alfred Olango was not negligent. Also, most mentally ill defendants are not diverted to treatment in San Diego County, California’s coastal cities are wrestling with the ramifications of rising sea levels, a health spa pioneer recalls her early years, the Oceanside film festival hosts the world premiere of a music documentary filmed at The Belly Up and local band the Parker Meridien kicks off Midday Edition’s summer music series.

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Child Separation, Affordable Housing Policy Update, Hate Crimes Rising

Despite a court order to largely curtail the practice, the ACLU says 911 children were taken from their families since June 2018. In a move to spur more affordable housing, the San Diego City Council on Tuesday narrowly voted to change the city’s “inclusionary housing” policy. Plus, nationally hate crimes rose 9% in 2018, the steepest rise since 2015 but San Diego “bucked the trend.” For thousands of years, the San Diego region has drawn people searching for wellness. A spa owner and San Diego boosters explain why the allure remains today. And it’s 92 days until Halloween. One sign that Halloween season is in full swing is the arrival of Midsummer Scream, a Halloween and haunt convention in Long Beach.

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Grief After Shooting, Scooter Crackdown, Time-Of-Use

The Gilroy shooting has left California lawmakers wondering what more they can do to limit gun violence in the state. Also, efforts to have greener transportation and safe streets and walkways are in conflict as San Diego works to implement dockless scooter regulations, an explanation of SDG&E’s time-of-use plan, how the “invalid trade” helped build San Diego, the legal aid group Al Otro Lado reacts to the Trump administration's changing immigation policies, and a seismologist talks about how societies rebuild after natural disasters and how California is preparing for its own “Big One.”

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Gilroy Shooting, California Auto Deal, San Diego’s Reputation As Place To Heal

At least three people were killed and 12 more injured during a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Also, California has signed a deal with automakers to produce fuel-efficient cars, San Diego’s reputation as a place to get well may have started with the Cupa Indians, a Lake County screening of a wildfire documentary gets a community talking, and the PigPen theater uses cardboard puppets and imagination to bring a heroic mouse to life.

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Marines Arrested, National Guard Sent To Border, Punk Rock Historian

Sixteen Camp Pendleton Marines were arrested in a migrant smuggling investigation. Also, the National Guard is heading to the U.S.-Mexico border to help trucks cross and John Doe goes from punk rock pioneer to punk rock historian.

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Judge Blocks Asylum Rule, Green New Deal, Affordable Housing Policy

A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration from enforcing new asylum restriction at the U.S.-Mexico border. Also, San Diego’s climate action campaign is launching a speaking series on San Diego’s Green New Deal, eye experts around the world are questioning experiments on babies in China involving UC San Diego researchers, a proposed update to the city’s affordable housing policy would change the equation for developers, and San Diego is getting 5G.

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Fast-Track Deportation, Tijuana River Pollution, Lead Paint Settlement

The Trump administration is expanding its fast-track deportation authority across the U.S. Also, San Diego congressional reps have introduced a package of bills aimed at combating pollution in the Tijuana River Valley. Oceanside residents are lobbying for a new strategy to save disappearing beaches, the city of San Diego has been awarded a $15 million in a lead paint settlement, and Democrats are issuing warning against a viral Russia-based face-morphing app.

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Equifax Settlement, Wildfire Fund Lawsuit, Making Waves In Climate Research

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra weighs in on the $600 million settlement Equifax is expected to pay in fines and monetary relief to consumers over its 2017 data breach. Also, a ratepayer lawsuit claims that a new California wildfire fund law unconstitutional, San Diego scientists make waves in climate research, a beehive invention looks to backyard beekeepers to save dying bees, and how to make sure you’re taking proper care of your pet.

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Unsolved Rape Cases, Human Spaceflight, George Takei

A local investigation reveals that less than 10% of San Diego rape cases have been solved since 2013, also San Diego researchers are contributing to a human spaceflight mission to Mars. And George Takei speaks about a new graphic novel “They Called Us Enemy” at Comic-Con which details his experience in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II.