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Saturday, April 4, 2020

 April 4, 2020 at 8:31 AM PDT

Speaker 1: 00:03 [inaudible]. Speaker 2: 00:03 It's Saturday, April 4th I'm John Carroll and you're listening to San Diego news matters from KPBS coming up. San Diego researchers discover a vulnerability in the Corona virus. We'll hear what that could mean to the effort to develop a vaccine. The first citations for violating public health regulations already issued and good news about a local lawmaker on the men from perimeter. That and more coming up Speaker 1: 00:40 [inaudible] Speaker 3: 00:40 as scientists around the world race to discover a vaccine for coven. 19 researchers in San Diego have found a vulnerability in the virus. KPBS science and technology reporter Shelina chaat Lani has details on a study published Friday in the peer reviewed journal science Speaker 4: 00:57 antibodies or proteins in the body identify it and take out viruses, but sometimes they can't bind to the virus and even if they do, they may not bind in the right location to be effective. Script structural biologists, Ian Wilson said he and his team found a location that works. They tested out an antibody from a 2006 SARS patient on the novel. Coronavirus Wilson says the virus, Speaker 5: 01:19 well keep going low along the road too. It gets to its final destination inside our human cells and other ones and we want to see where is the best place to put out that roadblock to stop the virus from actually getting to the final destination. Speaker 4: 01:33 He says so far in the city, this antibody doesn't kill the virus, but he says the research offers a roadmap to scientists on how to stop it. Shalina trot Lani K PBS news. Speaker 3: 01:44 The first citations for violating public health regulations have been issued. 22 people found near the beach and Encinitas were cited on Friday for violating the state's stay at home order. The Sheriff's department says the tickets were issued to people who were watching the sunset, having picnics near the beach. The violations carry fines of up to $1,000 and six months in jail. Just as a reminder, the stay at home order means not going out except to get food care for a relative or friend get necessary healthcare or go to what's deemed an essential job. A 4.9 magnitude earthquake felt throughout San Diego County struck early Friday evening. That's according to the United States geological survey. The USDA says Friday's tremor happened at 6:53 PM and was centered 10 miles Southeast of Anza. That's about 90 miles East of San Diego. The jolt was followed by a series of five aftershocks in a span of about 12 minutes, the strongest registering about 3.6 in magnitude. The San Diego police department says there are no reports of damage to structures and no injuries have been reported. We now know for sure that the next mayor of San Diego will be a Democrat. The election results are final and state assemblyman, Todd, Gloria, and council woman Brie will face each other in the runoff. This November, KPBS reporter Claire Traeger, sir talks about what's next. Speaker 6: 03:06 On election night, it was clear state assemblyman Todd. Gloria was headed to the runoff in November. He had about 40% of the vote, but who his opponent would be was not at all clear. Now with election results finalized, we know another Democrat Councilman Barbara. Bree made the runoff in a message to supporters. She says, we are entering uncharted waters and more than ever, our city needs competent, experienced, and independent leadership to navigate. The challenges we face. Gloria also wrote in a message that these times are uncertain and confusing, but we have faced challenging times before. Together we persevered. Both candidates will have to navigate campaigning with normal activities like debates, house parties, and door knocking. Being discouraged because of the Corona virus pandemic. Claire Trigere, sir KPBS news Speaker 3: 04:01 grocers throughout San Diego are scrambling to comply with the county's order that all retail workers must now wear facial coverings, but KPBS reporter Amica Sharma says that's easier said than done with the pandemic putting protective gear in short supply Chulavista authorities are urging residents to continue following the city shelter in place order. They say that police will start cracking down on violators. KPBS reporter max Rivlin Adler has that story Speaker 7: 04:28 at a press conference outside of police headquarters official said the second largest city in the County is going to be taking social distancing and Corona virus safety measures a lot more seriously in the coming days. Chula Vista police chief, Roxanna Kennedy who stood alongside mayor Mary solace said that the city's public safety order would be entering a new phase Speaker 6: 04:49 in the city of Chula Vista. We are moving from an educational phase to an enforcement phase. Immediately, please do your part so that our officers don't have to be put in a position to take enforcement action against you. Speaker 7: 05:04 Police officers will now give warnings to people they see, not maintaining social distancing and congregating in large groups and then cite them if they continue to break the city's public safety order. Max with Lynn Adler, K PBS news, Speaker 3: 05:18 Chula Vista mayor Mary Salus gave an update Friday on Chula Vista city Councilman Steve Pedea. He had been in the intensive care unit after testing positive for the Corona virus after 11 days on a respirator. Pedea is now out of the ICU and on the mend he says he'll be discharged from the hospital soon. It's a novel attempt to keep citizens protected from the coronavirus pandemic. The Mexican government launched a unique campaign on social media. They've created a superhero from Mexico city, KJ zzz, Rodrigo Servantez reports, Speaker 7: 05:52 her name is Susana [inaudible], a play on words in Spanish, meaning you're healthy. She's the cartoon. Speaker 8: 05:58 If a young, slim white woman wearing yellow tights and a pink blouse, and she's protected by a transparent spheres, the width of her outstretched arms, Susana's battle cry is stay home and her purpose is quite clear. She tell citizens to follow the instructions from health authorities and ignore rumors, and she wants everyone to build their own invisible shield through personal distancing boats who Sila has been mugged by Manny pointing out the precedent, hasn't followed her instructions. They say the government should be more serious about fighting the pandemic instead, but that's not stopping the campaign. And so Sinai keeps fighting online. I'm Rodrigo Servantez in Mexico city. Speaker 2: 06:40 Thanks for listening to San Diego news matters. I'm John Carroll. 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