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Summer Music Series: DJ Artistic

 August 28, 2021 at 3:00 AM PDT

Good Morning, I’m Annica Colbert….it’s Saturday, August 28TH. >>>> DJ Artistic on the KPBS Summer Music Series That’s next, but first... let’s do some quick headlines…. ###### The US supreme court has struck down the CDC’s federal eviction moratorium. But in California, the State’s own eviction moratorium still stands. Meanwhile in San Diego, the county is launching two new rental assistance programs meant to address needs not covered by any current programs. Here's Alex Martinez, the interim assistant director of the county’s housing & community development services. “if the tenants were over income or for some other reason they weren’t able to access these other programs, the small landlords, the small mom and pop landlords are able to access this program and get assistance with their rents that’s been owed to them.” For more information, go to s-d-h-c dot org. ###### The second round of California state stimulus checks started going out yesterday, according to the office of governor gavin newsom. The second round pays out 600 dollars to those who make 75,000 dollars a year or less and didn’t receive a check in the first round. The state plans to pay out a total of 12 billion dollars in relief over the course of the stimulus check rounds. The governor’s office says two out of every three Californians should be eligible for the checks. ##### This coming Monday is the deadline to register to vote by mail for the September 14th gubernatorial recall election. The San Diego Registrar of Voters sent out a reminder to residents on Friday. Forms to register are available on the registrar’s website or at their office. You can also pick up form at the city clerk’s office, any public library, or the DMV. Forms must be postmarked by 5pm on monday. ######### From KPBS, you’re listening to San Diego News Now. Stay with me for... some San Diego music. Renowned DJ, event curator, and music producer-- DJ Artistic, has earned a reputation as a community builder and architect of the San Diego Hip Hop scene. For over two decades, DJ artistic has curated events that help countless artists grow and shine...His contributions to San Diego music are immeasurable. DJ Artistic is a 4 time San Diego Music Award winner. He is also an artist / producer in his own right...and has toured with underground Hip Hop legend Abstract Rude and San Diego all-star hip hop group Deep Rooted, alongside legendary acts like Souls of Mischief and Public Enemy… DJ Artistic spoke with KPBS Midday Edition host Jade Hindmon, here’s that interview... That was Renowned DJ, event curator, and music producer-- DJ Artistic, speaking with KPBS Midday Jade Hindmon. This segment was produced by KPBS’ Summer Music Series Producer Kurt Kohen. To hear more about DJ Artistic and see his music videos, go to KPBS dot org slash Summer Music Series. Thanks for joining us, and have a wonderful weekend.

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Our summer music series continues on San Diego News Now with this bonus episode featuring: DJ Artistic