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Summer Music Series: Sonido De La Frontera

 September 18, 2021 at 3:00 AM PDT

Good Morning, I’m Annica Colbert….it’s Saturday, September 18th >>>> Sonido de la Frontera on the KPBS Summer Music Series That’s next, but first... let’s do some quick headlines… ###### Governor Gavin Newsom signed an expansive housing package on thursday that could see more homes being built in California. The package has two bills that would let cities re-zone some parts of urban areas for up to 10 units… It also streamlines the process for converting homes in single-family neighborhoods into duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes. A third bill in the package extends the Housing Crisis Act of 2019, which fines local governments for blocking some housing construction. ###### The Coastal cleanup day is today. It’s a state-wide effort, and several cleanups are happening throughout San Diego county. Shawn Rizzutto is a maintenance program advisor and senior transportation engineer for caltrans. He says the day is dedicated to cleaning up litter and trash that could otherwise end up in the ocean. “make sure we maintain the beauty of san diego, which we all appreciate everyday, but that sometimes can be blighted by debris and litter.” You can find More information about volunteering at clean s-d dot org. ##### The thunderboats are back for the race at the San Diego Bay Fair. Bayfair has been held at mission bay since 1964, but it was postponed last year due to the pandemic. Here’s Bayfair board member Jim Kidrick. “this is the finest powerboat racing course in the world today, mission bay park as we see it was actually built to bring this to san diego.” From KPBS, you’re listening to San Diego News Now. Stay with me for... some San Diego music. Today we’re talking about a group that embodies the spirit of our diverse border region, and celebrates the beauty of Baja California with their own take on Latin America’s resurging dance music- Cumbia… Sonido de la Frontera is made up of a power trio of veteran musicians Karlos Paez of the B-Side Players, Luke Henshaw of Planet B and First Power Crew, and DJ Unite with Tribe of Kings and also First Power Crew. They each bring decades of experience to the project, and the results are an exciting Cumbia sound that fuses the party energy of soundsystem culture, with the Hip Hop production aesthetic of big drums and loud bass. Sonido de la Frontera spoke with KPBS Midday Edition Host Jade Hindmon, but first... let’s begin with their single “Somos Sonideros”

Our summer music series continues on San Diego News Now with this bonus episode featuring: Sonido De La Frontera