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Bonus EP2: Behind the Scenes of Episode 8

 February 8, 2022 at 11:00 PM PST

[00:00:00.190] - announcer
In the Kpbs podcast system, inner city based episodes are considered especially difficult. In San Diego City, the dedicated members who create one of the best of these are members of an elite squad known as Meridien Arts. This is one of their stories.
[00:00:16.670] - Lisa England
Wake up. Hey, Parker.
[00:00:21.230] - Parker
Huh What?
[00:00:22.500] - Lisa England
Did you turn in episode eight?
[00:00:27.450] - Parker
[00:00:29.850] - Lisa England
You need to turn in episode eight. Why didn't you turn in?
[00:00:36.750] - Parker
It's on the computer. I just got to go get it. I'll upload. It take, like, 15 minutes.
[00:00:41.480] - Lisa England
15 minutes? Well, can you get up and do it? Stupid? Never do stuff.
[00:00:49.170] - Parker
I'm going.
[00:00:49.850] - Lisa England
Oh, cant rely on that man for anything. Are you leaving?
Thank you.
Get it done. Always remind him to do everything.
[00:01:17.050] - candy kid
Hey, so I'm selling these candies. You wana buy some candies from me?
[00:01:20.880] - loud mike
Nah little homie. I ain't got no time for no candy, though. Hey, you Parker?
[00:01:29.510] - Parker
Yeah, that's me.
[00:01:30.820] - loud mike
Hey, bro, I need to holla at you real quick. Come here.
[00:01:34.610] - Parker
What up?
[00:01:36.220] - loud mike
actually, why don't you hop in the car?
[00:01:38.510] - Parker
You know what? I was about to go over to my car and get this computer. I got this podcast.
[00:01:43.070] - loud mike
I need you to hop in the car, though.
[00:01:45.170] - Parker
Right now, I'm grown.
[00:01:47.510] - loud mike
It's serious. You're going to want to hop in a car.
[00:01:53.430] - Parker
Op. Oh, shit. What are you doing here?
[00:02:01.640] - Opoetik
All I know is my baby's Mama came to pick up my son. I went outside and put him in a car, strap him in his car seat, started to head to the store. And I hear this voice. And he's like, Yo, Parker. And I'm like, he ain't talking to me. And I hear Parker Edison. And next thing I know, I'm in a damn car. I think this dude thinks I was you.
[00:02:24.550] - Parker
Thought I was op? All right. I've been working on the pull up bar. I workout at the house. I'll be doing, like, 10, 15...
[00:02:31.650] - loud mike
It ain't no time for no jokes. I don't know what's going on, but both of you all going to just ride. We're going to get to the bottom of this.
[00:02:39.130] - Opoetik
Parker, what did you get me into?
[00:02:41.070] - Parker
I got in the car after you.
[00:02:42.810] - loud mike
Hey, Yo, I told you how to chill. We're almost there. We're going to figure it out.
[00:02:47.650] - Opoetik
See, that's what I'm talking about, man.
[00:02:50.570] - Mike
I should have picked up that girl, Lily Lala. That would have been easier. Lolly. You can grab Lolly.
[00:02:57.870] - Parker
Yeah, why didn't you?
[00:02:59.870] - Speaker 4
I mean, she white.
[00:03:01.810] - Opoetik
Yeah, I guess you got a point. That's true.
[00:03:04.360] - Parker
You can't be just grabbing any off the street.
[00:03:07.100] - Mike
Hey, calm down. Calm down. This is my song right here. I'm trying to hear it.
[00:03:10.650] - DJ Eddie on the radio
Hey, this is DJ Eddie on the radio. Here's something from the West Coast, Big June with Follow Me.
[00:03:21.530] - Big June
Big June. We were claiming these streets. We better shut down all these prisons and these police stations. Let my people go. You know what I'm talking about? Look, because I follow him. He said it's hollow beak. No more hollow teeth. That's how it ought to be. I keep it real because that's how it's brought to me. Put the guns down now. No problem. We ain't at the wrong people. Homie on the piece. I'm here to help you keep that seat up off a T and set up in the courtroom since wrongly already been through this. I thought you knew this. I'm going to help you get through this. You ain't in this thing alone by a long shot. Let me highlight or you make the wrong shot off top, where you end up in the wrong spot.
[00:04:17.290] - Audi
Hey, what's up, big head?
[00:04:19.010] - Mike
aint nothin going on. I'm just hanging out.
[00:04:20.540] - Audi
What you about to do?
[00:04:21.560] - Mike
Shit. I got to run to the store. I'm handling a couple of things right now.
[00:04:24.830] - Audi
Oh, wait. What's up with your little friends back there?
[00:04:28.930] - Mike
These are some dudes I got to talk to real quick. It ain't nothing.
[00:04:31.920] - Parker
Heeeeeeeelp he might try and kill us.
[00:04:34.390] - Audi
All right, I got to get back to the house. I got to braid these babies hair.
[00:04:37.240] - Mike
What about the edibles?
[00:04:38.620] - Audi
They're cooking, you know.
[00:04:40.040] - Mike
All right, I'm going to see you later.
[00:04:41.280] - Audi
All right.
[00:04:42.610] - Mike
If I slow this car down again don't try to say nothin to nobody whats wrong with you?!
[00:04:46.800] - Parker
In our defense, you are kidnapping us, man. I should be trying to preserve my own life. And whatnot?
[00:04:51.350] - Mike
And what, you thought my sister was going to help you?
[00:04:53.630] - Opoetik
That's your sister?
[00:04:54.860] - Mike
Yeah. You're done. Y'all ain't kidnapped. I told you, we're going to figure it out.
[00:05:19.970] - Platform Collection
What's up, PEP FAM? This is KillCrey, editor of the Parker Edison Project. I want you to check out my show, Chris sees The Internet Live Sundays at 07:00 P.m. On the platform collection page at YouTube, we talk about culture, art, tech, and do in depth interviews with our favorite forward thinkers, Chris see's The Internet, hosted by myself and OG hiphop Eddie Sunday, 07:00 P.m. On YouTube platform collection.
[00:06:34.710] - Mike
We are here.
[00:06:37.890] - henchman
So I thought it was only supposed to be one??
[00:06:40.950] - Mike
Long story.
[00:06:41.740] - Mike
Just help me get em out the car.
[00:06:44.670] - narrator
Five minutes later.
[00:06:47.730] - Parker
It's a Monday, bro. I can't believe we sittin here tied up. It's crazy. tied up in a warehouse, bro. What kind of shii is this on a Monday?
[00:06:56.760] - Opoetik
I don't know, but I don't know what you got me into, man.
[00:07:02.710] - Parker
you hella tight with that zip ..With them zips on my wrist.
[00:07:05.460] - Mike
Man, just chill out. Chill out. We are going to get you to answer some questions, and this might be all over for you. Or it might be over for you.
[00:07:13.140] - Opoetik
But I'm not even supposed to be here. Why do I have to answer any questions?
[00:07:16.730] - Mike
Because that's your man's and them.
[00:07:19.900] - Parker
Hey, what you do for a living, Holmes, when you ain't kidnapping good black men?
[00:07:25.650] - Mike
Not that it matter, but actually I coach high school football.
[00:07:29.370] - Parker
[00:07:30.320] - Opoetik
get em!!!!!!!
[00:07:35.770] - Parker
You ol Al Bundy knock off four touchdowns in one game ..
[00:07:40.710] - Opoetik
Old polk high Damone Ridgemont High drop out. So you raising the babies and kidnapping brothers?
[00:07:49.150] - Parker
Hey, bro, in high school, you was tha man. Bruh, what the heck happened to you? This dude. Hey, I bet you the type of dude who watched Django and root for Sam Jackson.
[00:07:59.870] - Opoetik
I bet you had cleats that was sponsored by Spaulding.
[00:08:04.630] - Parker
Hey, this is ridiculous, man. I bet Ice is hiring. You ain't got to do this part time.
[00:08:14.990] - Mike
Hey, chill out. I'll shoot both of you right now. You in your kneecap because you're going to still answer these questions.
[00:08:21.800] - Opoetik
Parker, would you get me into?
[00:08:23.180] - Mike
All right, now, I told you I'll sit right there for a second. I'm going to be right back.
[00:08:33.810] - narrator
Five minutes later.
[00:08:40.570] - Parker
You ever noticed how artists don't get held responsible for stuff they do?
[00:08:47.210] - Opoetik
What are you talking about? We tied up. You want to have a conversation right now?
[00:08:52.010] - Parker
Just saying. I think it's strange. Like Kanye gets to do interrupt awards. Just stuff normal people don't get to do.
[00:09:01.070] - Opoetik
I mean, they called him crazy, but didn't Van Gogh cut his ear off or some woman?
[00:09:07.970] - Parker
That's true. He did. He cut his whole ear off. That must have been and then mailed it to her.
[00:09:12.570] - Opoetik
And they called that passion.
[00:09:13.940] - Parker
That's crazy. That Mailman was carrying a bloody ear to somebody and they didn't have like, boxes. He's carrying a bag with a bloody ear to somebody's house.
[00:09:22.260] - Opoetik
Have we ever studied his mental health?
[00:09:24.100] - Parker
Van Gogh? Yeah, I guess we should.
[00:09:27.660] - Opoetik
I mean, we dug deep into Kanye.
[00:09:31.130] - Parker
[00:09:32.510] - Opoetik
Look, man, we tied up. What are we talking about?
[00:09:34.840] - Parker
I'm just saying it's crazy.
[00:09:37.490] - Opoetik
I still need to know what you got me into.
[00:09:40.790] - Parker
You was there when I got in the car. You was there. You know what I know.......He had to have sent like six, seven letters before he sent her the ear. Pick me up first. That fifth letter had to be wild.
[00:09:53.060] - Opoetik
Hey, I think they coming back, alright?
[00:09:55.640] - Mike
I told you we had these questions, right?
[00:09:57.490] - Parker
[00:09:58.090] - Mike
All right. You answer these questions, we might get out of here. I'm untie these zip ties. We're going to walk over into this next room and you all sit down at the computer. Remember? You act crazy. I got that thing on me.
[00:10:10.560] - Parker
All right, man, wrists is all sore. This is ridiculous.
[00:10:13.940] - Opoetik
I'm not even supposed to be here.
[00:10:29.910] - Big June
Hey, what's up, Parker?
[00:10:31.420] - Parker
[00:10:32.080] - Big June
Hey, how are you doing, man?
[00:10:33.400] - Speaker 10
Good OG, but we've been kidnapped, bro. We've been in the car for like an hour and a half. We've been tied up and everything, man.
[00:10:39.480] - Big June
The virus out here, man. I'm not trying to get none of that. Plus, I want to play this seperate wayans, man.
[00:10:44.470] - Parker
Damn that's. G.
[00:10:46.380] - Big June
But I want to do it live, all right?
[00:10:50.910] - Opoetik
I don't even know why I'm here. All right, I guess I'm down.
[00:10:58.110] - Big June
Who's this Parker?
[00:10:59.220] - Parker
I mean, just the homeboy op, I guess. He got picked up. Your guy picked him up, man. It's a whole thing.
[00:11:05.230] - Opoetik
Long story short, I was walking to the store, and dude thought I was Parker, and then he wouldn't let me
[00:11:10.080] - Parker
op...He don't care. He don't care.
[00:11:12.580] - Opoetik
[00:11:13.710] - Parker
All right, well, look, me and my roommate used to play this game. It's called Six Degrees of Separate Wayans. And at the time, Kevin Bacon was, like, the peak of popularity in Hollywood. That might still be the case, but now the Almighty Wayans family is giving him a run for his money. So they're making wild connections. And what I do is a show. It's called Six Degrees of Separate Wayans. And I have a competition where somebody tries to stump me and give me names of people who they don't think I can connect to the wayans. And I always do. And I guess we're doing it this time with June.
[00:11:44.190] - Opoetik
You don't always, but this guy.
[00:11:47.020] - Parker
All right, June, who you got for your first one?
[00:11:49.120] - Speaker 6
Bo Jackson.
[00:11:52.110] - Parker
Okay, so Bo Jackson to Michael Jordan. And then Michael Jordan
[00:12:01.420] - Opoetik
He was in Space Jam. With bill Murray.
[00:12:05.890] - Parker
Michael Jordan with Bill Murray. And Bill Murray is in Coffee and Cigarettes with the RZA. And the RZA was in scary movies. Yeah, n had a soundtrack on. Don't be a menace. They had Winter Wars routine. Boom.
[00:12:22.800] - Big June
Okay, yall got that. What about Buster Rhymes?
[00:12:29.000] - Opoetik
I can see it.
[00:12:36.490] - Parker
All right. Bus to Mariah. Mariah to Nick. Nick. Too...
[00:12:47.630] - Opoetik
Hey, man. Hey, I think we should just give him that one. Keep it moving, all right? Keep it moving.
[00:12:57.230] - Parker
June, we already came all the way out here, man. Let's just do three. Let's just do three. Can we get one more? Can we get one more so we can kind of. It's. One for you, one for us. Can we get a tie breaker?
[00:13:06.590] - Big June
Yeah, we could do that. I'm going to do something easy for you all. Let's go with ice Cube.
[00:13:14.930] - Opoetik
Icet. Trespass...Icet was in New Jack City.
[00:13:20.880] - Parker
New Jack with Wesley Snipes. And Wesley Snipes was in New Jack City with Allen Payne.
[00:13:27.550] - Opoetik
And Allen Payne was in CB4 with Chris Rock. Chris Rock was on In Living Color. We won that. We won that. Og. Can we go home? Does that mean we get to go home?
[00:13:40.330] - Big June
Yeah, man. I just wanted to be here live. You know what I mean?
[00:13:44.440] - Opoetik
Okay. Yeah.
[00:13:45.950] - Big June
Nobody called the police did they...?
[00:13:47.680] - Parker
I mean, we were zip tied. We couldn't.
[00:13:49.260] - Big June
Okay, I appreciate your time, too, man. Sorry it had to be like that.
[00:13:53.010] - Parker
It's kind of worth it. It's all good, I guess, but it's kind of weird, but ayyy June, what's up with that jacket you're wearing?
[00:14:01.390] - Big June
Yeah, that's my footprint jacket.
[00:14:03.330] - Big June
What's that about?
[00:14:04.530] - Big June
Footprints is basically trying to make grown men stand up. We're being shot and killed by everybody. We're being targeted by everybody. So I took myself from outside of that era. Now pushing this..Pushing was right.
[00:14:23.350] - Parker
Damn. I ain't mad at that at all.
[00:14:25.210] - Opoetik
[00:14:27.170] - Big June
Everybody get them. You selling them jackets?
[00:14:28.950] - Big June Hey, look, get these two footprint jackets. Couple of CDs. Drop them off at the train station for me.
[00:14:37.710] - Mike
Yes, sir bossman im on it.
[00:14:39.430] - Parker
Appreciate that. June. (answers phone) Hello?
[00:14:50.940] - Lisa England
Where are you?
[00:14:53.310] - Parker
This whole thing happened, man. This car pulled up. It was a thing, B. It was a huge...
[00:14:59.510] - Lisa England
You were supposed to go straight into get your computer to bring it back so we could turn in episode eight.
[00:15:05.800] - Parker
I mean, I was going to, but it's just this whole shii, man.
[00:15:08.300] - Lisa England
I don't want to hear any Excuses. Where are you right now?
[00:15:10.920] - Parker
I mean, I'm on my way.
[00:15:12.280] - Lisa England
On your way from where?
[00:15:14.010] - Parker
That's what I'm trying to explain. It's this car, right? This dude is the dude. He got the Blicker. It was a whole thing, right?
[00:15:20.000] - Lisa England
What's the thing? What was so big about the thing? Because all I'm hearing is Excuses.
[00:15:24.990] - Parker
Look, it was a thing. No, he really.
[00:15:29.440] - Lisa England
Parker, today is the day. We've got to return the rental car. We've got to go and get groceries because I've still got to make lunch for your mom. Your dad?
[00:15:41.310] - DJ Eddie on the radio
This is radio station PCFM. The hits just keep rolling. This is an oldie but goodie by P Braxton. Hit those request lines and tell us what you think.
[00:17:11.550] - Parker
Thanks for stopping in. The Parker Edison Project is Produced And Hosted By Yours Truly, Parker Edison and the Good people at Platform collection. Be sure to subscribe and catch the next episode on Apple Spotify or wherever you get your podcast. If you have any comments or questions, visit the Parker or hit us on Instagram at the PE project. My guy, Kurt Kohnen is Audio Production manager, Lisa Jane Morrisette is Operations manager and John Decker is Associate General Manager for content. This programming is made possible in part by the KPBS Explorer Content fund. I love saying that because it Reminds me of Sesame Street. You all stay safe out there.

A pay phone pictured in this undated photo.
Parker Edison
A pay phone pictured in this undated photo.
For this unique bonus episode we go behind the scenes of season 1 to bring you a fictionalized re-enactment that gets way too real. It’s an old school radio drama starring a very special cast of players.

• Caresa Lynette
• Patrick Braxton
• Jordan ‘Jtreel’ Thomas
• Wilnesha ‘Tru7h’ Sutton & Jaz Williams

Lisa Matthews
• James ‘Opoetik’ Stewart
• Mike Taylor • Eddie Rangel
• Audra Dent
• Al Malley
• The OG Big June

Show Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Kurt Kohnen (Co-creator) and Chris Reyes (Head Editor)