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The Parker Edison Project Season 3 Trailer

 March 31, 2023 at 10:12 AM PDT
The Parker Edison Project podcast is back for our 3rd season. Season one was about people, stories so riveting we could just press play and let the magic shine. Season two was things, unique topics and ideas. Season 3 is places, geo-politics. The way environments, people, and power work in a continuum. I’ll introduce you to some people and eateries you should get more familiar with. Plus, we brought back our resident tastemaker King Dice for some brand new “MMSM” segments. This is the Parker Edison Project, a sonic exploration of culture as a lifestyle, where each episode starts with a thought-provoking talk and ends with a musical bang.

Show Credits: Parker Edison (Host), Angela Rogan (Writer), Professor Robert A. Saunders (Show Consultant), Chris Reyes (Head Editor), Lisa Jane Morrisette (Operations Manager) and John Decker (Associate General Manager for Content)