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Ben Adler

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Trump supporter Kevin Coffey and protester Cath...

Reporter’s Notebook: Tolerance Or Tantrums? It’s Not Just Politicians Who Need To Choose

Jan. 6, 2020
By Ben Adler

As a veteran California Capitol reporter leaves the beat, he digs back into his reporter’s notebook to reflect on our growing polarization. His takeaway? Just because you disagree with someone’s political views, it doesn’t make them a bad person.

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris speak...

California Democrats Still Waiting For The Full Iowa Treatment From Presidential Candidates

Nov. 18, 2019
By Ben Adler

The state moved its primary up from June to March, with backers hoping for more sway in presidential primaries. But to some of the people who attended this weekend’s California Democratic Party convention in Long Beach, the jury’s still out.

Gov. Jerry Brown rides around his ranch with hi...

Interview: Former California Gov. Jerry Brown Launches Climate Change Institute With China, UC Berkeley

Sept. 24, 2019
By Ben Adler

The institute, a partnership with Tsinghua University in Beijing, will focus on research and training initiatives, as well as cultivating a dialogue” between researchers, scientists and public officials in both countries.

Four California Democratic Party delegates who ...

Four Undecided California Democrats Explain What They Want In A Presidential Candidate

June 4, 2019
By Ben Adler

At this past weekend’s California Democratic Party convention CapRadio’s Ben Adler sat down with four undecided voters and asked them about who they like, who they don’t, and what they’re looking for in a nominee.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabet...

California May Be An Early Primary State Now, But It's Still Not Getting The Full Iowa Treatment

June 3, 2019
By Ben Adler

It doesn’t happen often, but California was the center of the presidential race this weekend. Fourteen candidates addressed the state Democratic Party convention, and many of them also held other public events and raised money in the state.

Gavin Newsom reflects on his first 100 days as ...

Gavin Newsom Filled His First 100 Days As California Governor With Splashy Announcements. Not All Are As Bold As They Appeared.

April 17, 2019
By Ben Adler

During his first 100 days as California’s 40th governor, Gavin Newsom has grabbed a lot of headlines. In some cases, the substance of Newsom’s announcements has yet to match the sizzle.

CapRadio Capitol Bureau Chief Ben Adler intervi...

Interview: Gavin Newsom Reflects On First 100 Days As California Governor, Sanctuary Policy, Wildfire Liability And Taxes

April 16, 2019
By Ben Adler

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s response to President Trump’s recent and repeated claims that the federal government should place Central American migrants seeking asylum in “sanctuary cities”? It’s already happening.

One of the elevated sections of the high-speed ...

No, Gavin Newsom Didn’t Just Kill California’s High-Speed Rail Project

Feb. 18, 2019
By Ben Adler

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s remarks on California’s embattled high-speed rail project in his State of the State address this week seemed to confuse just about everyone.

Former California Gov. Jerry Brown favored post...

In Style And Substance, Gavin Newsom Goes His Own Way

Feb. 8, 2019
By Ben Adler

Gavin Newsom is proving to be a very different California governor than Jerry Brown. At least, the second Governor Jerry Brown.

California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks during ...

‘America Needs California’: Gavin Newsom Promises ‘Bold’ Approach During Inauguration As Governor

Jan. 8, 2019
By Ben Adler

Gavin Newsom is now the 40th governor of California’s nearly 40 million people.

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