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Kelley Weiss

  • Holiday sales projections are up about 2 percent from last year. But most unemployed people are scaling back on purchasing traditional holiday gifts. Instead, they're turning to handmade creations or offering to do something like cook a meal for loved ones and friends.
  • If passed, Proposition 19 would legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The state's NAACP has endorsed the measure, saying it's a civil rights issue. But a Sacramento preacher who is encouraging voters to reject Proposition 19 says drugs are tearing the black community apart.
  • As the medical marijuana industry booms in California, dispensaries are looking for what any normal business wants: coverage in case of a fire, theft or other property loss. But many insurers have stayed away because of ongoing legal battles.
  • The federal government has allocated more than $1 billion to help cash-strapped local health departments hire staff to distribute the H1N1 vaccine. The money has allowed some departments to rehire staff they had recently let go.
  • Amid the health care overhaul debate, one big question has been where to come up with the money to change the system. One idea that has been suggested is a tax on soda. Public health advocates say drinking soda is directly linked to obesity, which is partly responsible for skyrocketing health care costs.
  • For some Americans, insurance is what it's supposed to be: coverage when you need it. Dave Koenig, 49, has a job with good benefits. Still, he thinks some aspects of the insurance industry should be changed to protect patients from losing coverage.