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Mark Sauer

Host, The Roundtable

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A newspaperman for more than 30 years, Mark Sauer joined KPBS in October 2010 and currently serves as the host of the KPBS Roundtable, airing each Friday on radio and TV.

He spent 27 years as a reporter and editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune after stints at The Houston Post and at two papers in his native Michigan.

A features/human-interest writer in the UT's Currents section for many years, Mark also spent about a third of his UT career as an editor and reporter on the Metro Desk. He has covered a wide range of events: Wild fires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast; Super Bowls and the World Series; foster care and child-abuse issues; the Roman Catholic Diocese's sexual-abuse scandal and bankruptcy; royal visits of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Diana; Republican and Democratic national conventions; high-profile criminal trials; and many other stories, from the silly to the sublime. Along the way, he interviewed everyone from presidents to pan-handlers.

His work exposing the false accusations and prosecutions of several San Diegans for murder, rape and child abuse garnered Pulitzer Prize nominations and many regional and local journalism awards, including Best in the West, the Sol Price Award for Responsible Journalism and several San Diego and California bar-association awards.

Mark has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University.

Recent Stories by Mark Sauer

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Roundtable: Mayor Faulconer's White House Meeting

June 21
By Bennett Lacy, Mark Sauer

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer meets with President Donald Trump at the White House, the origins of migrant caravans in Honduras, and the first week of testimony in the murder trial for a San Diego based Navy SEAL.

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Roundtable: Plea Change In Hunter Corruption Case

June 14
By Bennett Lacy, Mark Sauer

The wife of Congressman Duncan Hunter pleads guilty in the couple’s corruption case, the military grants media access to its border mission in Texas, and San Diego State University plans to reform its scholarship system after millions of dollars were unawarded.

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Trump Plans To Rollback Vehicle Emissions Standards, San Diego Congressman Has Another Idea

June 13
By Jade Hindmon, Mark Sauer, Megan Burke

Democratic Rep. Mike Levin, whose district includes northern San Diego County, has introduced legislation to phase out gas-burning vehicles entirely in California by 2040.

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Bay Area Tech Nonprofit To Track Power Plant Pollution With Artificial Intelligence

June 6
By Mark Sauer, Megan Burke

Watt Time said it plans to use satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to track plant pollution and make its data public.

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Roundtable: Prosecuting Hate Crimes

May 31
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

Prosecuting hate crimes is not a simple task. Rep. Duncan Hunter defends the Navy SEAL accused of multiple war crimes. Development of properties in wildfire-prone areas stirs controversy. The new leader of SANDAG attempts to revitalize San Diego's transportation industry.

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ProPublica: Carbon Credits Don't Fight Climate Change

May 28
By Brooke Ruth, Mark Sauer

The benefits of carbon offset programs are far from certain, according to a report by ProPublica. ProPublica reporter Lisa Song joins Midday Edition on Tuesday to discuss how after reporting on the issue she concluded that carbon credits haven’t and won’t deliver the climate benefit they promise.

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Roundtable: Navy SEAL War Crimes Trial Delayed

May 24
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

The trial has been delayed for the Navy SEAL accused of committing war crimes while on deployment. Seniors are finding it harder to live in the Golden State. California moves one step closer to restricting short-term rentals in San Diego.

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Roundtable: San Diego Revives Vehicle Habitation Ban

May 17
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

San Diego City Council approves a limited ban on people living in their vehicles, homeless deaths increase by more than 50% in San Diego, and asylum seekers, who are forced to "remain in Mexico," struggle to make it to their court hearings in the United States.

Tease photo for story Founder McKibben Discusses Significance Of Record Atmospheric Carbon Levels

May 16
By Mark Sauer, Megan Burke

Bill McKibben has been sounding the alarm about human-caused climate change for more than 30 years. He is the founder of the seminal environmental group, so named because 350 parts per million is considered the safe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon concentrations surpassed 415 parts per million this week.

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Roundtable: San Diego's Methamphetamine Problem

May 10
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

Methamphetamine addiction remains a chronic problem in San Diego. What's contributing to it.

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