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The website is fully optimized for mobile and tablet devices, so you can enjoy our live stream and selected KPBS television programs from just about any Internet-enabled device. You can also check our schedules, read the latest news, discover community events, and of course donate to KPBS.

Breaking News Text Alerts

You can receive KPBS' breaking news alerts by text message. Text "News" to 96220. If you want to cancel the service at any time, just reply "Stop" to the same number. The news team will send updates based on the day's events.


You can stream KPBS audio and video via apps from NPR, PBS, and other public media organizations. We retired the KPBS iPhone and Android apps in June 2014.

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Apps for Android

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NPR Android App
Features: News, live radio stream, programs on demand.

Apps for iPhone

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NPR iPhone App
Features: News, live radio stream, programs on demand.

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PBS Video App
Features: Program videos on demand, schedule

Includes local programs Ken Kramer's About San Diego, San Diego's Historic Places, KPBS Evening Edition, A Growing Passion, Savor San Diego, and more.   [ PBS App FAQ ]

Search the iTunes App Store for other great public radio and public television apps, like the PRI Program Stream, Marketplace, PBS NewsHour, Antiques Roadshow, and PBS Kids apps.

Apps for iPad

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NPR iPad App
Features: News, live radio stream, programs on demand.


Mobile Browser and are both optimized for your mobile browser. (for slow mobile devices or smaller screens)
NPR content, including Fresh Air and other national programs.

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Get programming updates direct from our programming director, John Decker (@gubben)

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Get the most relevant and interesting news in San Diego.