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Chris Evans tests his powers in Push (Summit Entertainment)

By Janeane White

Push (opening February 6 throughout San Diego) is about people with extreme physic abilities. The government is trying to create a type of steroid that will potentially make their abilities stronger. The government decides that they would have a group of scientists work on this project and they called them The Division. It originally started in Germany with Hitler but was soon looked into by several other countries. The government doesn't refer to these people's abilities with the correct terms of telekinesis; they prefer to call them "Movers." Other abilities are watchers, pushers, shadows and a long list of other crazy powers. The first generation of these powers were very strong and thought to be a problem, and they might be too powerful. So most were killed while others were experimented on. The main character Nick (Chris Evans) is a mover. He can move things with him mind. When he was little, his father told him to help a girl that gives him a flower when he is older. Now that he is older he's approached by this little girl named Casey (Dakota Fanning), she's a watcher, which means she can see the future. She comes to him demanding his help finding a girl who will help them find a case with something special inside. Apparently almost all watchers know about this woman and are looking for her as well. The whole story is about them finding the girl then finding the case and fighting off The Division.

I didn't really care too much for this movie. There was too much that you had to be really listening for to understand what they were talking about. They would also mention things without explaining them and the audience was left guessing. I dragged my friend along with me and every few seconds he would ask me what was going on, and since I was only being shown as much as him, I couldn't figure it out either. The names of the powers that were assigned to people were confusing as well. Pusher's sounds like a person that has the ability to move things should have and not someone that can put lies into your head and make you believe that they are true. So because they didn't really distinguish this in the beginning I was confused and left to figure it out as the movie progressed. Another thing that I just didn't like was that the camera moves too fast during the majority of the action scenes and your eyes don't have time to focus on what's happening before the camera moves again. I realize that this has been happening more and more often lately in recent action films. The directors are trying to convince the audience that there is more going on then there really is for a nice effect, But I think that it backfires.

What I did like about Push (PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, brief strong language, smoking and a scene of teen drinking) was that it did have a nice storyline. As confusing as the little details were, the overall concept of what was happening was actually somewhat entertaining. I just don't think that this movie should be a part of your top movie choices. I think that you should wait till it comes out on DVD and watch it because the movie theaters are overpriced and it would be better to save your money and to buy it for $20 instead of spending $10 on each ticket. Plus you'd be spending who knows how much on snack food. And I'm betting you don't go the theater by yourself so there is even more money you'd have to spend. If you really want to see it, wait a little bit and buy it. It's not a completely horrible film but it's just not absolutely amazing either.

& --Janeane White is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She enjoys movies and spends all her time at the theater. She is also interested in special effects makeup done in the movies. She is an honors student and is currently working towards early graduation. Some of her favorite movies include Queen of the Damned, Hellboy, The Descent, the Underworld series, and the Saw series.

Janeane White is a senior at Mount Miguel High School.

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