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A Wall Of Favorite Colors In La Jolla

Roughly 1,000 people chose their favorite color for artist Roy McMakin's mura...

Above: Roughly 1,000 people chose their favorite color for artist Roy McMakin's mural in La Jolla. McMakin said participants were "enthusiastic." Photo by Rebecca Joelson.

Roughly 1,000 people showed up in La Jolla on Saturday, despite the mist and rain, to choose a favorite color and share it with artist Roy McMakin. The Seattle-based artist and UCSD grad used the chosen colors to construct the latest mural in the Murals of La Jolla series, sponsored by the La Jolla Community Foundation (the first mural in the series was by UCSD professor Kim MacConnel).

McMakin had a palette of 65 colors from which participants and passersby could choose their favorite. The colors are being used to paint each of the 900 square tiles on the side of a building on Eads Avenue in La Jolla.

While all of the colors were chosen on Saturday, just over half of the wall tiles have been painted. Three to four painters worked all day on Saturday, some on 30 ft ladders, but painting each individual tile is a painstaking process, especially when you consider they have to change brushes, keep track of the list, and paint each tile precisely. Plus the rain!

According to Matt Browar, chairperson for the Murals of La Jolla committee, the mural should be completed in two or three days. Painters are currently working under a large tarp to help protect them from the rain.

We talked with McMakin about the project and his career on These Days last week. He talked about how loyal people are to their favorite color and why that fascinates him. I told him my favorite color has been blue since childhood, and though I'm not sure why, I have no interest in changing it!

I decided to call McMakin today and ask him which color was the most popular with those that participated on Saturday. He said he was shocked at how evenly distributed the colors were. "There were kids there so I expected some pink, but there was actually more pink than I would have guessed, but mostly it was evenly distributed across the color scheme."

McMakin said he was also really impressed by how many people showed up and enthusiastically chose a favorite color. "They so earnestly chose a color and were not cynical at all. It just reinforces my notion that this is meaningful to people."

You can visit the mural at 7596 Eads Avenue in La Jolla.

The next artist chosen for the Murals of La Jolla series is sculptor Anya Gallecio, also a UCSD professor. Work on the next mural will begin in early 2011.

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