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UCSD Announces New Efforts To Attract Minority Students

— To increase minority enrollment at UC San Diego, where racial tensions have been on the rise, university officials today announced new efforts to get minorities who have been admitted to the school to enroll.

Students, faculty, staff and alumni will be asked to take part in a phone call campaign to get traditionally under-represented students to sign up for classes at UCSD, university officials said.

Also planned are so-called affinity group sessions to invite black, Latino and Native American students and their families to visit the campus.

The Black Students Union will hold an overnight program for blacks who have been admitted to the school so they can experience what it's like to be at

UCSD. Minority students will also be invited to spend the night at UCSD in the spring.

"These initiatives encourage prospective students to discover the exceptional opportunities for the world-class education experience that UC San Diego offers," Chancellor Marye Anne Fox said in a statement. "These new programs, in addition to our existing efforts, will help to ensure a more diverse student body and healthier campus climate."

The new initiatives will be in addition to existing efforts to improve outreach to attract first-generation, low-income and minority students to the campus, university officials said.

"The first step is to get under-represented, low-income and first generation students to apply, and the second step is to get admitted students to accept," said Mae Brown, assistant vice chancellor of admissions.

The programs are part of the effort by UCSD to ease racial tensions on

ampus stemming from a "Compton Cookout" party during Black History Month. The situation was exacerbated by subsequent racially insensitive language on a

student-run television station, the discovery of a noose on campus and a crudely formed Ku Klux Klan-style hood on a statue.

University officials said attracting minority students to UCSD has been more difficult since the passage of Proposition 209, which was approved by voters in 1996 and bans schools and other government entities in California from taking race into account in education, employment and contracting.

According to UCSD, freshman applications from minority students for the fall semester are up 8.8 percent.

A total of 1,968 black students, up 20.6 percent, 8,269 Latino and Mexican students, up 5.8 percent, and 324 Native Americans, up 25 percent, applied for the university's fall quarter.

Less than 2 percent of existing UCSD students are black, according to the school.

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Avatar for user 'Linna'

Linna | March 12, 2010 at 4:54 p.m. ― 7 years ago

What about Asians?

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Avatar for user 'CaliforniaDefender'

CaliforniaDefender | March 13, 2010 at 3:06 p.m. ― 7 years ago

Once again, KPBS is refusing to publicize the facts about the fabricated racial events at UCSD.

1. Compton Cookout - Organized by an African American comedian
2. Noose - Placed by female minority student to exacerbate the situation
3. KKK-style Pillowcase - Placed by minority students on Dr. Seuss statue to make a statement about UCSD

UCSD is pandering to the racist Black Student Union and expanding their discriminatory admission policies as a result. Shame on UCSD administrators and shame on Chancellor Fox for dragging a once great university into the gutter.

Linna - You're right, UCSD is discriminating by selecting only certain races, however the largest ethnicity at UCSD (by far) is Asians at nearly 50% with Caucasian students making up less than 25%.

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Avatar for user 'expat'

expat | March 13, 2010 at 4:07 p.m. ― 7 years ago

"Asian" is a hugely problematic category that throws together anybody who doesn't fit the other broad categories. A Filippino student counts in it just like a Japanese student, a Thai student, or a Korean student (North or South, no difference). This label is forced upon them, and then, tadaa, we have a "model minority" that makes up 40% of UCSD (I love how the percentage keeps growing in message boards), all the while forcing individuals who don't fit our stereotyped notions of these "Asians" into corners. (See Crystal, D. (1989). Asian Americans and the myth of the model minority. Social Casework, 70 (7), 405-413. )

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Avatar for user 'expat'

expat | March 13, 2010 at 4:09 p.m. ― 7 years ago

CD does the same thing he or she has done several times already: positing facts that media outlets refuse to publish, hinting at dishonesty and bias, even though these facts are not nearly as clear-cut as CD makes them sound.
1. J2J showed up very late, was not announced in any of the original invitation material (, but has tons to gain from claiming responsibility, getting attention and selling his "comedy."
2. The student's apology letter ( says that the girl "innocently marveled at [a friend's] ability to tie a noose, without thinking of any of its connotations or the current racial climate at UCSD." She "sympathizes with the students that have been affected by the recent issues on campus," and is "distraught to know that [she has] unintentionally added to their pain." Even though this has to be the weakest apology in years, CDs claims are not reflected in any source.
3. Where is your source? Who took public responsibility?

I love that according to CD a long overdue reaction by the administration to the poisoned climate on campus, the institutional hurdles for black students at UCSD, and the call for help by one of the weakest groups on campus is now turned into "dragging a once great [sic] university into the gutter." Awesome.

If it really was a power play between an oh-so-threatening minority that terrorizes the innocent, peaceful, loving and caring campus community--and yeah, 1.3% will absolutely take over the campus with their oh-so-crazy demands--then why would Scripps Oceanography Institute, the Music department, the Literature department, the School of Medicine Coalition, the Muslim community, the Anthropology department's graduate student body, the chairs of UCSD, the UCSD Faculty Coalition, the governor of California, the Faculty of African descent, the Kamalayan Kollective, the Visual Arts department, the Critical Gender Studies program, faculty members of sociology, ethnic studies, and the Campus Community Centers ALL demand action, in one voice condemn the events, and appeal to change on campus?

Let me guess: they are all sheep, intimidated by the oh-so-bad, Black Student Union, right? All afraid to be labeled racists, right? Well, I got news: they say what is not popular, they stir trouble, not the other way around. Take a good look at their statements and think about it. You are in the minority, and there is a good reason why. These are all highly educated, inspiring members of the UCSD community, and they all see what is going on.

If you would like to learn more, visit:

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Avatar for user 'becka'

becka | March 18, 2010 at 10:56 p.m. ― 7 years ago

okay so i just recently got admitted to UCSD and UC Irvine.
I'm an Hispanic Female
and i need to decide where i'm going to go this upcoming fall!

but I have no idea if I want to go to place like UCSD where people would say that i only got in because of my race not because of my merit?

Should i reconsider going to UCSD?

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Avatar for user 'expat'

expat | March 19, 2010 at 9:10 a.m. ― 7 years ago

Absolutely not. UCSD remains an excellent school, congratulations for being accepted. Your question already shows your awareness and critical thinking skills. Not only does UCSD need students like you, I believe you will find that the "trouble" on campus actually gave a boost to creativity and social awareness, not to speak of the launching of various new groups and movements that I see going far in the future.

We'd love to have you!

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