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Layoff Notices To Teachers, Workers Mailed This Week

— Hundreds of San Diego County teachers and school workers will receive notices this week that their jobs could be in jeopardy. March 15 is the contractual deadline for public school districts to tell their employees they may out of a job by summer.

The layoff notices are sent by mail. They are not official pink slips. School districts issue notices as a precaution as they grapple with massive state budget shortfalls.

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is noticing about 460 employees, most of them teachers. Vista may lay off 165 workers. Oceanside could lay off about 120 teachers.

State Superintendent Jack O'Connell says the tentative pink slips hurt morale.

“Here we are, about a month away from our statewide standardized testing which are high stakes tests for these schools, and we're asking these teachers to do more at the same time we're sending out these layoff notices that quite frankly shatter a lot of dreams and careers,” O’Connell said on KPBS Radio’s These Days program.

Districts can rescind the layoff notices if their budget outlooks improve. But O'Connell says he doesn't think that will happen this year because federal education stimulus money is drying up.

The San Diego Unified School District is one of a few large urban school districts that will not send layoff notices to its permanent, veteran teaching force for a second year in a row. However new and temporary teachers will not be so lucky.

School board president Richard Barrera says those teachers are employed under a different set of contractual rules.

“We (district officials) will be able to get through this again without having to issue pink slips to permanent teachers. There is still the question of 'will we need to issue pink slips to probationary teachers, teachers who have been with the district for less than a couple years.' The answer to that is probably 'yes,'” Barrera said.

Barrera says about 250 to 300 of these probationary and temporary teachers could be let go. The number is expected to be revised based on how many permanent teachers decide to retire or go on-leave. Barrera says they should have a final figure by next month.

The San Diego school board is managing to piece together a spending plan for next year through a combination of furloughs, programs cuts and central office cuts.

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Brittanicus | March 16, 2010 at 2:24 p.m. ― 7 years ago

For interested parties a new caucus is being formed called , "RECLAIM AMERICAN JOBS.? The American people need to fight back against the illegal immigration occupation, before it too late. Our nation is suffocating under the relentless invasion, that our politicians have ignored for decades. For reasons beyond most peoples understanding, they have blocked any successful way of restrictions of foreign nationals, that have swarmed into every community in this nation. The numbers from government sources and other biased sources proclaim there are only 10 million, with numbers dwindling. However nobody in there right mind believes these numbers, as they have drudged up consistently over the last 10 years ago, without any change.. Tuscon Border Agency says for every one person, that is apprehended 9 disappear into our country. My guess by that, the numbers are infinitely far more. In the neighborhood of 20 to 30 million. 8 million illegal workers at the least escaping detection in the job market and that's why we need E-Verify?

Perhaps that is why our government has sided with the business sector, to just identify--ONLY--new hires. Therefore, millions are not discovered, because they are already working somewhere.undetected. Federal, state county and city don't want you to know, who has already slipped past any enforcement process. I suggest that's why E-Verify has become a menace to corporate welfare. But E-Verify had gained plenty of momentum, and the Democratic leadership led by Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi couldn't slip it past public awareness or popularity amongst HONEST BUSINESSMAN. Even Republicans cannot shift the whole blame on Democrats, as equal indifference must be attributed to both politico's.. Of course we always need exceptional highly skilled engineers, scientists, technical personnel, but we certainly do not require semi-skilled workers, or non-skilled, low income, poor foreign nationals who will become a public taxpayer charge, as it is now?

Now we the American people must contend with another Amnesty, Assuming President Obama can force it through. but who pays for the millions already here, or those who try to slip past before the signing. Another amnesty just means more will try to get here, thinking a third will be past at some future date. Not just the overworked border agency, but expired tourist and students at airports. So much is involved in processing new immigrants, that the whole weight falls on the taxpayers. Once here they can sponsor more family members, including those who would spend uncompensated time in emergency rooms. Another burden for luckless taxpayers. Just read the predicament the Sanctuary State of California.

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Brittanicus | March 16, 2010 at 2:25 p.m. ― 7 years ago

This really is the time when jobless American or any citizen and legal resident needs be a member of RECLAIM AMERICAN JOBS caucus. Only together can we stop this travesty of our immigration laws? Whatever our party consideration, we need to make it clear to all politicians that America belongs to THE PEOPLE-not to the open border demented fools, pariah businesses or the politicians themselves. There are three main enforcement tools within the United States. E-Verify, 287(g) local police alien enforcement and ICE raids. Reps. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Gary Miller (R-CA) and Sue Myrick (R-NC) have formed the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus to raise public awareness of the connection between illegal immigration and unemployment. To pressure the Obama Administration to vigorously enforce the laws against the employment of illegal aliens, work to implement legislation that will protect U.S. jobs from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to make E-Verify mandatory) Working to defeat legislation that will put U.S. jobs at risk from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to defeat amnesty.)

The Tea party movement have many objections to the Republican usurpers and the majority certainly don't agree with Dick Armey. But then Steve Poizner would be a great win for California, as he promised he would halt the draining of public entitlements to illegal aliens and give full reign to ICE to investigate and place in detention the millions of foreign families living illegally there. Certainly Governor Schwarzenegger did nothing and allowed this epidemic to spread statewide. California taxpayers have been shoved to the back, when they voted for Proposition 176--eliminating benefits to illegal families. The schools system has slowly deteriorated to the bottom rungs of performance with crammed classes of illegal immigrant children and the inability of teachers to offer a decent education to the offspring of American parents. In the last decade the prison system has been the place of last resort, for the rising crime rate of illegal immigrants from across the globe. Border state hospitals including California are overrun by illegal alien families who cannot afford to pay, leaving the bill for the taxpayers to collect the tab.

Go to to learn the ropes. Don't forget to call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121. Don't forget to give your state incumbent lawmaker an ultimatum; NO RE-ELECTION VOTE. We are a sympathetic people, but Americans must come first and any lawmaker who represents the illegal immigrant, must be kicked out of office. This is not mean-spirited, this is survival of our nation, our flag and our language. American jobs for American people. Learn about the rampant corruption at OVERPOPULATION is another hidden issue, that will cause major environmental problems by 2040.

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