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Undocumented Students Anxious About DREAM Act


Aired 9/17/10

There are an estimated 65,000 undocumented students in the U.S. A vote in the Senate next week could pave the way for their citizenship.

College students from throughout San Diego gather at the SDSU campus to hold ...
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Above: College students from throughout San Diego gather at the SDSU campus to hold a rally for the DREAM Act.

There are an estimated 65,000 undocumented students in the U.S., but a vote in the Senate next week could pave the way for their citizenship.

Students who are here illegally cannot get federal student loans and are not eligible to work in the U.S. once they finish school.

Mary, a 21-year-old from the Philippines, asked that we not use her last name because of her undocumented immigration status. She has been paying out of pocket at Miramar College for two years. She says the DREAM Act would drastically improve her prospects.

"I would be more flexible in doing certain things, for instance: helping out, reaching out to the community, reaching my dreams, possibly having my own little organization, too," said Mary. "I am very for education, because it's something valuable that no one can take away from you."

Mary believes she can help to motivate students to continue their own educations.

"You never lose hope because you always have that desire to finish something that you know for a fact will get you somewhere, someplace, anywhere else…" she said. "You know, as for me, as an undocumented student, I try to look beyond what I can possibly do - being in this organization, speaking up, educating others, telling them 'value your education because it's very important,' you know?"

The DREAM Act, which was first introduced in 2001, would grant citizenship and access to student loans to young illegal immigrants who have no criminal records, and who have at least a two-year university degree or a two-year commitment to the armed forces. It will be up for a vote starting next week as an amendment to a defense bill, with both Democrats and Republicans behind it.

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Avatar for user 'Brittanicus'

Brittanicus | September 17, 2010 at 1:40 p.m. ― 6 years, 6 months ago

Here's the real story:

No. 1: Not valedictorians -- or even necessarily good students.

Any illegal alien who can manage to meet the minimum requirements to graduate from high school or get an equivalent degree meets the first test.

No. 2: Primarily NOT teens or college students.

The Senate DREAM bill allows you to be up to 35 years old!

The House bill has no upper limit.

No. 3: Don't have to have come when a child.

An illegal alien can get this amnesty even if he didn't arrive in the U.S. until age 15. That's right -- he can spend his first 15 years learning the language and culture of his home country and developing all kinds of ties there and then come to the U.S. and later claim need for a DREAM amnesty because he supposedly has no country to go back to.

I was on a national Hispanic cable TV show last week on which a videotaped profile was run of a well-heeled-looking woman from another country bragging in front of New York City scenery that a few years ago she had illegally overstayed her tourist visa when her son was 15 so he could go to a U.S. college and pursue a U.S. career. DREAM would reward her and all the rest of people in the world who might think like her.

No. 4: Bill is open to gigantic fraud.

The bill is written so that the 2, 3 or 4 million illegal-alien applicants only have to CLAIM to meet the criteria. They don't have to PROVE anything.

The government has to build a case, one illegal at a time, and prove the claims on the application are false in order for the illegal alien to lose the amnesty. Can you imagine how many times that is likely to happen?

No. 5: DREAM does nothing to stop the behavior that put teenagers into their situation. It leaves the jobs magnet in place.

This amnesty has no enforcement measures at all. It allows employers to continue to hire illegal aliens, enticing millions more parents to bring their children here illegally and stay long enough for them to become high school students and demand another amnesty in a few years.

No. 6: DREAM leaves intact the chain migration system that will allow these 2.1 million illegal aliens to eventually send for millions more relatives.

Rather quickly, the amnestied illegal aliens would be able to get green cards for their parents. And millions of additional relatives would be able to start planning their applications and getting in line. This starts with adult siblings and moves on to aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

A large percentage of the illegal aliens in the U.S. today are extended family members of the illegal aliens who got amnesty in 1986 and also those in the six more-limited amnesties in the 1990s.

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Avatar for user 'Brittanicus'

Brittanicus | September 17, 2010 at 1:41 p.m. ― 6 years, 6 months ago

With 15 million Americans OUT-OF-WORK--forcing Amnesty into the people's faces is political suicide. If this bill is passed it leaves intact the “chain migration system” that will permit these 2.1 million illegal aliens, to eventually send for millions more relatives. The ominous DREAM ACT leaves intact the chain migration system that will allow these 2.1 million illegal aliens to ultimately send for millions more relatives.
Because of this emergency in warning patriotic Americans this is the statement of Roy Beck, President of Numbersusa pro-sovereignty organization. In his words it outlines the invisible dangers of this obvious deceptive attachment to the De fence appropriations bill--NEXT WEEK.

If a mass amnesty is passed by the Democrats, how are they going to pay for the 18 million people to be processed --TAXPAYERS? How are they going to enforce the rush by millions for the border, or a one-way-plane-ticket, aware that this Amnesty is going to be signed--or the next million or those who come after?
Vent your anger on the phone lines to Washington and your Senator and Congressman at 202-224-3121.

ABC quoted me as saying that there is no question that many of the teenagers who would get an amnesty through the DREAM Act make for "compelling" cases. But I'm also quoted saying that this DREAM amnesty should not be passed.

If the DREAM Act were actually limited to the PR rhetoric that comes out of the pro-amnesty organizations, there might be reason for a debate.

If you barely paid attention, you would think this amnesty is just about illegal aliens who are high school valedictorians.

If you pay a little more attention you would know it is larger than that but think it is for good students who are teenagers or college students who were brought to the U.S. illegally when they were toddlers. You would think that they don't know the language of their home country, have no ties there and if not given a U.S. amnesty would be without a country.

And you might have believed all the rhetoric of the pro-amnesty forces of the last year that they only want legalization (amnesty) for illegal aliens if it is coupled with strong enforcement measures that will prevent a buildup of an illegal population in the future.

Well, the open-borders people have spent millions of dollars on PR firms to figure out how to lie to and mislead the American people in the smoothest way possible -- how to seem to be saying things that they actually aren't.

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Avatar for user 'Brittanicus'

Brittanicus | September 17, 2010 at 1:42 p.m. ― 6 years, 6 months ago


Even If You Favor Amnesty For Some Illegal Teens, This DREAM Act Must Be Stopped

Those of us who are being taxed to pay for all the illegal aliens, who have managed to steal into this country need to read this summary of politicians who have adopted--forcing through any kind of Path to Citizenship. If you think it's not going to cost any money to process President Obama's Immigration Reform package--think again. To process the millions already here, the dollar figures will be in the billions? The government will certainly retain immigration attorneys to aid in this monolithic action, which will undoubtedly end up with massive fraud--as it is now with the six stealth amnesties already passed, without public notice. The DREAM ACT BILL, is a last ditch effort by pro-amnesty incumbent Senator Harry Reid to save his job.

It seems that Obama and his Senate are trying to pass any form of Amesty--by any means, when 15 million US workers are slogging the streets, looking for work. More than half of Nevadans think undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from Nevada citizens, a recent Las Vegas Review-Journal poll showed. Angle's ad blasts Reid for voting to give "special tax breaks to illegal aliens" and to give those Social Security benefits "even for the time they were here in public welfare benefits? It was $62 million dollars in just July for Los Angeles County, California.

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Avatar for user 'hopefulbruin'

hopefulbruin | September 18, 2010 at 5:45 p.m. ― 6 years, 6 months ago

Mary, you are a brave person and an outstanding student! Know that all the dreamers out there are in solidarity with you and that there are MANY people who want you to succeed. Let's pass the DREAM Act and help the U.S. improve its economy and use all the potential it has!

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Avatar for user 'Government_Broken'

Government_Broken | September 20, 2010 at 8:30 p.m. ― 6 years, 6 months ago

How about many American Citizens and our dreams to be gainfully employed and to be capable of living independently? We go to college, get a good education, and we cannot find GOOD/STABLE work. Many of us in Social work, now cannot find work, because we don't KNOW Spanish, because of all the illegal immigrants invading our country. HOW ABOUT US???

I didn't get any breaks or free education and now I have to help pay for the illegal’s education? NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY IN MY LIFE!!! WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE MY JOBS FROM ME???? When you have a government that looks out more for illegal immigrants than it's own citizens, you have a major problems. TIME FOR A REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

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