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Harry Reid Backs Calif. High-Speed Rail Project


Aired 8/10/11

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says California should stick to its ambitious high-speed rail project – even though the price continues to jump

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid believes California should stick to its ambitious high-speed rail project, even though the price continues to jump.

Reid said that "it would be so short-sighted for California - the most populated state in the country - to walk away from the bonding capacity they already have, some $10 or $11 billion, because of what they think the cost might be. The cost, if we don't do it, will be much more significant."

Reid's comments Wednesday came one day after the California High-Speed Rail Authority released its updated cost estimates for building track from Merced to Bakersfield.

The price tag has jumped to between 10 and 14 billion dollars from an original projection of seven billion dollars in late 2009. Some state lawmakers now say the project should be scrapped.

Reid spoke on a conference call announcing a "National Clean Energy Summit" at the end of the month in Las Vegas.

California Governor Jerry Brown will attend as well.

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Avatar for user 'CalBoomer'

CalBoomer | August 11, 2011 at 4:19 p.m. ― 5 years, 7 months ago

First, let's exam what High Speed Rail (HSR) Means and
How Much Does It Cost ! If you are leaving Oceanside to go to Sand Diego is a 35 mile trip. During peak hours on the freeway it can take 45 to 60 minutes for that drive. How much time is saved on a HSR ? Are you going to stop in Carlsbad ? Encinitas ? Solana ? Del Mar ? La Jolla ? Pacific Beach ? Approximately 6 stops over 35 miles. that means the train must reach a speed at a rapid rate quickly but not measured in "G-Force" and stop in a safe manor as well ! Time must be allotted for boarding and disembarking. How fast can you load the number of passengers proposed to use this service (20,000 is what I have read. Seriously, "No Pushing !" ) That 35 miles is going to take 45 to 55 minutes. I don't see how this benefits anyone since you have to add your commute time to a "station". COSTS - Building a HSR is astronomically higher than building roads. Billions of dollars would need to be invested just to complete all the EIRs and ROWs and will take decades to complete. And where is this HSR constructed ? Along with Amtrak ? Try selling that to Encinitas ! How about through the La Jolla corridor ? Amtrak again ? Where will our freight come from ? Perhaps someone will be able to come up with an elevated rail off the coast ? Perhaps in a tunnel under ??? Let's not forget the earth shakes here more than NYC or Boston, So is there going to be a high speed rail built on (or under) sand over numerous earthquake faults ? How about the routes ? San Diego to LA sounds good but to Sacramento ? Most of that traffic is for our legislature. I would guess a lot of energy, money and time would see a lot of empty cars on that SoCal trip to the capitol ! I want to be there when the HSR lays track across the greens at Pebble Beach.
Bottom line is there is no money for this -
There is a very high cost if it is ever started.
It is a "huge bet" that this rail will ever be able to pay for itself.
It is a good bet it will fail before it is completed - Think State Bankruptcy !
It will not move people any more effectively.
In a "perfect world", it still doesn't make sense !
So senator Reid thinks we need to spend Billions on high speed rail -
Thanks Harry - BTW, did I vote for you ?
Harry, I tell you what - why don't you start this in Nevada.
Build a HSR from Las Vegas to Carson City and Reno and then take them to San Francisco and LA. Just think of the commute time for your gamblers to get to those somewhat idle gaming tables ! You First Harry !

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