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Sweetwater In Hot Water

Aired 12/26/11 on KPBS Midday Edition.

Guest: Ashly McGlone, Watchdog reporter, San Diego Union Tribune


Hundreds of millions of dollars in public money are at play in the South Bay, as contractors bid for school bond construction money.

Investigations into 'pay to play' arrangements between construction contractors and leaders of Sweetwater Union School School District and Southwestern Community College came to light last week because of reporting from the Union Tribune's "Watchdog" unit.

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anniej | December 26, 2011 at 12:39 p.m. ― 5 years, 3 months ago

what is happening at sweetwater district is NOT new. it has been going on for years. all of the pay to play business really took off when 'the gandara' was brought here by cartmill and ricasa.

at this point it is clear that the taxpayers of the south bay need to step up and be heard. hopefully there will be a mass turn out at the next board meeting and those in attendance will let their opinions be heard.

why cartmills home was not searched is a topic of discussion of all, he is in it up to his throat - so thick he is choking on it.

mccann as well, it is highly recommended that all taxpayers in the south bay log into the san diego registrar of voters web site and review all of mccanns campaign donations as well as ricasa and cartmill. while other news organization have reported donations from contractors/vendors of over a hundred thousand since 1988 - in the last election alone it was close to that amount.

john mccann, where is the vega report. you have allegedly stated you will not release it without a subpoena, why is that? our tax dollars paid for it, is this the smoking gun that will halt any/all political office dreams you have - is that why YOU refuse to release it?

sweetwater 'pu' - just another ploy to attempt to more of our tax dollars into a district wallowing in fiscal IRRESPONSIBILITY.

we need 4 new board members and a new superintendent - a superintendent who will not align him/her self with money making schemes. schemes that state they are for the children, but in fact are not.

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