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County Doesn’t Trust Governor On Redevelopment


Aired 3/3/11

If you believe the governor, San Diego County could get more money if redevelopment agencies are eliminated. But the county’s not buying it.

— The governor wants to eliminate redevelopment agencies and eventually transfer more of the freed-up property tax revenue to the county. But Supervisor Ron Roberts said he doubts the county will ever see that money because the state will likely suck it all up.

“Figure it this way, if the state isn’t going to end up with more money, why would they even be thinking about doing this?” he asked. “The state isn’t doing this to help the county. They may be using that as an excuse.”

The governor has also proposed transferring more responsibilities to counties. Roberts said he’s concerned about that too.

“The state is talking about, well you know, the county can do a lot of this stuff better than we can,” he said. “And while we agree with that, the state’s MO is to shift those responsibilities to us but then to cut off the funding streams.”

Roberts said everyone is suffering from reduced tax revenues. But he said the state’s problem is made worse because of structural problems with its budget. He said California is like a hungry bear and the county doesn’t want to be its snack food.

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Avatar for user 'cma52572'

cma52572 | March 2, 2011 at 6:40 p.m. ― 6 years ago

Please look into state Majority WHIP Toni Atkins personal financial stake in redevelopment funds. "affordable housing" and "solving homelessness" are worth millions to her clients Corky McMillin, Carter Reese, CCDC, etc.

The residual costs of redevelopment are overwhelming and that is what they dont talk about. 1st there is the cost of losing all of our historic fabric to urban infill projects that look like giant econo lodges everywhere creating blight everywhere they go. Then there is the cost of infrastructure which WE pay for. Then there is the cost of throwing all these historic buildings into landfills that we pay for in many ways. Then there is all the mortgage fraud on these projects as many of the units are sold to fraudulant buyers that WE pay for and on and on. What we may gain in a few tax dollars is nothing compared to what we lose.

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Avatar for user 'cma52572'

cma52572 | March 2, 2011 at 6:48 p.m. ― 6 years ago

You have to remember they arent fighting so hard for redevelopment because it is making these communities better, they are fighting for redevelopment because it has become astoundingly PROFITABLE!! When a developer can make $500,000 profit on an affordable housing unit that he built for $80,000 thats a pretty darn good deal and a heck of alot more than he is going to make in the private market. hence we see all these sleazy private developers who suddenly care about "affordable housing". This is a huge scam from top to bottom riddled w/ fraud and as someone w/ a Masters degree in architecture who care alot about urban planning and fixing blight I will be the 1st to say shut this down. Its doing far more damage than good.

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Avatar for user 'dialyn'

dialyn | March 3, 2011 at 10:23 a.m. ― 6 years ago

It's not the county that doesn't trust the governor. It is Roberts pretending he speaks for the entire county. For me, the City of San Diego has been bought and sold to developers through corrupted redevelopment agencies, and I trust no one involved in the redevelopment process. I am part of the county; therefore, the entire county does not buy Roberts argument. I think Brown is pushing forward some arguments that people should have been thinking through for a long can't have it all. Either you raise taxes or you cut back services, and the redevelopment agencies long ago stopped being about improving community areas and all about being petty cash funds for millionaires. So what do you want, and what's your solution? We already have the answer from the City of San as greedy as possible and pretend you're going to do something other than build a mansion stadium for a billionaire (that's what this "swap out of projects" is all about). Is that our biggest need? Really?

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Avatar for user 'CRAMAN'

CRAMAN | March 3, 2011 at 11:57 a.m. ― 6 years ago

I speak from many years of experience on all sides of Redevelopment (RDA) in my comments. The RDA program has strayed far from its original intent and design and should be discontinued. The action will be very painful for Cities who have relied on this flow of unregulated tax revenues. It is critical although that the benefit flowing to the state reduces the Brown intent to shift added responsibilities to Counties without resources to implement them. My feeling is that the Cities will mitigate the impacts in the near future reducing the benefits to the State and the shift of responsibilies (as prisoner housing) will impact negatively at the local level.

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