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Rants and Raves: Mmm! Brains!

Groovy Like A Movie Makes Zombie Short For Charity

Groovy Like A Movie's zombie shoot.

Credit: Beth Accomando

Above: Groovy Like A Movie's zombie shoot.

Zombies may not have brains but they have big hearts, hence the zombie walks for charity. I was lucky enough to help out Groovy Like A Movie with their recent zombie-themed short film produced for the San Diego Blood Bank's Transylvania Classic golf tournament that took place over the weekend.

Photo caption:

Yours truly decomposing on the set yet again.

As an ardent fan of zombies I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a pregnant zombie mom for Brent Altomare of Groovy Like a Movie. I've been a zombie before, most notably for the Baltimore-based DIY film "My Boring Zombie Apocalypse." But this past week was the first time I got to be a zombie and shot with one of those fancy RED cameras (leaving myself open for all sorts of "You've got red on you" jokes). Although the shoot was all for fun, Altomare and his team ran an efficient, professional set and got the short shot and cut in record time. The amazing thing was that the actors took to their zombie roles with such ease. The teenage boys slipped into their roles almost effortlessly whether it was improvising about gnawing the arm off a sibling or playing hackysack with a brain. Further proof of how deeply ingrained zombies are in our psyches. Here are the results.

Breaking News: Zombies!

breaking news - ZOMBIES from Brent Altomare on Vimeo.

Groovy Like A Movie's short film produced for the San Diego Blood Bank's Transylvania Classic golf tournament.

On the website Altomare says of the project, "We don’t often have the opportunity to do a completely outside the box project here at Groovy. While we always work hard to be creative and tell good stories for our clients, we are constrained by the project’s audience, the objective, and the 'think, feel, do' of the project. This one was different. We were asked to help the San Diego Blood Bank decorate golf holes for their 2011 Transylvania Classic Golf Classic Tournament. Their one and only requirement? Make it fun. So we did!"

Principal photography was shot on a RED One with second unit photography on a 5D MK II. The project was written on Wednesday, shot on Thursday, edited on Friday, shown on Saturday. Who says zombies are slow! Hope you enjoy the fun and creativity of all involved.

Here's my NPR feature about being a zombie.

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