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Kimchi Chronicles: The Rice Chronicles

Airs Saturday, September 24, 2011 at 3 p.m. on KPBS TV

Host Marja and guest star Heather Graham learn about instant rice, tteok (a p...

Credit: Courtesy of American Public Television

Above: Host Marja and guest star Heather Graham learn about instant rice, tteok (a pasta-like ingredient made of ground rice) in "The Rice Chronicles."

Part travelogue, part food fantasy and part documentary of self-discovery, the public television series "Kimchi Chronicles" follows acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his Korean-born wife Marja as they explore and celebrate Korea's cuisine and culture in the company of chefs, home cooks and their good friend, actress Heather Graham.

In each episode, Marja and Jean-Georges step into restaurants and home kitchens to experience real, authentic Korean cooking. Going straight to the source to find the best of Korea, they visit every corner of the country — from the rolling hills of Jeju Island's green tea gardens to a sprawling market in Seoul pulsating with activity, all the way to the thriving seaport in Sokcho, just 10 miles from North Korea.

Then, Marja and Jean-Georges return to their country kitchen in Westchester, New York to re-create some of their favorite recipes alongside their neighbors, actor Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deb. Jean-Georges also demonstrates his command of simple, flavorful combinations by creating new dishes inspired by the Korean pantry.

"The Rice Chronicles" - Rice, the bread and butter of the Korean table, is explored from Busan, Korea’s second largest city, all the way to Seoul. Along the way, Marja and her dear friend, the actress Heather Graham, learn about instant rice, tteok (a pasta-like ingredient made of ground rice) and visit Bibigo, a new chain of contemporary restaurants serving fresh variations of bibimbap.

Back in New York, Marja and Jean-Georges create their own version of bibimbap, along with sushi-like kimbap, kimchi fried rice and Jean-Georges’ famous ginger fried rice.

Visit the "Kimchi Chronicles" blog for the latest news about the show. "Kimchi Chronicles" is on Facebook, and you can follow @KimchiTV on Twitter.

Preview: Kimchi Chronicles: The Rice Chronicles

In this episode of "Kimchi Chronicles," Marja and Jean-Georges explore Korea's most prized staple food, rice, with actress and friend Heather Graham.

Preview Episode One: The Kimchi Chronicles Begin

An introduction to the basics of Korean cooking starting with, of course, kimchi. Jean-Georges and Marja are joined in the kitchen by their real-life neighbors, actors Hugh and Deb Jackman. Together they prepare two iconic Korean dishes—bibimbap and beef bulgogi and check out barbeque that can rival Texas. "The Kimchi Chronicles Begin" will also take a look ahead at the remaining twelve episodes. Tune in to see if Wolverine can handle the heat of the Korean kitchen.

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