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Pvt. Bradley Manning Acquitted Of ‘Aiding The Enemy’ In WikiLeaks Case (Video)


Manning Not Guilty Of 'Aiding The Enemy'

Military judge Army Col. Denise Lind today ruled Pvt. Bradley Manning was not guilty of the most serious of the 21 counts against him - that of aiding the enemy.

But NBC News reports Lind did find Manning guilty of the 20 remaining charges he faced in connection with the 700,000 secret government documents he provided to WikiLeaks.

Prosecutors argued Manning was a traitor who put other soldiers, and our country, at risk.

Yet Manning, according to NBC News...

...has said he was disillusioned by an American foreign policy bent on “killing and capturing people” when he released the documents, including battlefield reports and diplomatic cables, in 2010.

Manning will be sentenced on Wednesday. He faces as much as 128 years in prison, according to the Associated Press.

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HarryStreet | August 6, 2013 at 2:17 p.m. ― 3 years, 7 months ago

I don't see this guy as an impressionable hero. I can understand why he disagrees with our government policy, but he's not a whistleblower. He's a thief who disgraced the uniform. If he wanted to make a difference he should have left the military when his stint was over, hire lawyers and make a case the legal way. This would have kept him out of jail and the persons responsible for making policy would answer the legal way before an oversight committee. If they don't prosecute this guy there will be others looking to emulate him for sake of stardom and notoriety. Yes, this guy is looking for attention, too. No one wears the uniform solely for duty, honor, and country.

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