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Navy Veteran James Kimber Hopes To Unseat Hunter In 50th

Aired 6/17/13 on KPBS News.

It may feel like election season just ended, but a new round of Congressional candidates are already gearing up for the June 2014 election.

Navy veteran James Kimber's website shows a countdown clock to the June 2014 Congressional primary. As of today, it's 350 days away.

Kimber for Congress

James Kimber is running for the 50th Congressional District.

But that's not stopping Democrat Kimber from getting to work on his quest to defeat Republican Duncan Hunter Jr. in the 50th Congressional District. Hunter's been a sitting congressman since 2009. Kimber has never run for office, but says he has just as much experience as Hunter did when he took office.

The difference is that Hunter Jr. took over the office from his father.

"I don't know if that someone taking an office that's your parent's, that necessarily qualifies you," Kimber said.

Kimber knows the challenge in unseating an incumbent congressman in a heavily Republican district. But he thinks his campaign will provide an important alternative, especially on issues surrounding veterans. Kimber says that as a veteran, Hunter should be doing more.

"I think he should be their greatest champion, I think he should be out there speaking about this every day," Kimber said.

Kimber works as a physician's assistant, so he also says he has expertise on health care and thinks he can fix immigration and homelessness issues.

"Like a lot of people, I'm tired of seeing members of Congress fight over issues I believe can be solved," he said.

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Avatar for user 'FTsimboukakis'

FTsimboukakis | June 17, 2013 at 8:41 a.m. ― 3 years, 8 months ago

It's about time that we get someone CAPABLE and with actual BRAINS in there. Who is not someones puppet. Someone accomplished. Just like one would not hire a rookie or a bankrupt financial adviser to handle ones millions, one shouldn't elect a representative to help run the country who has NOT ACCOMPLISHED much ON HIS OWN or an unproved one. Voters should research their candidates WELL,and not just off the candidates or Political party sites. Thankfully the internet allows us that luxury that did not exist in the past. And ask questions. And reporters in media should research the candidates well and objectively.

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