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City Heights Opens New Park Designed For Adults

Evening Edition

A new mini-park opened today in City Heights — a neighborhood where green space and recreation areas are in short supply.

The 5,300-square-foot park is located on 43rd Street near University Avenue, and is designed specifically for adults and seniors. The park primarily is open space, with plenty of benches and some artwork. The park features a giant mural of photos taken over the course of the 10 years it took to build the park.

Sculpture artist Wendell Kling was commissioned to create colorful art along the park's fencing.

“I decided on a backyard garden theme, and the sort-of wild and not-so-wild life that may be found there,” Kling said.

Several dozen people came to the opening, including interim San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. He said three generations of his family grew up in City Heights.

“With the small businesses that are here, we’re coming and putting together a village people want to be a part of. People will see the future of this city is in City Heights,” Gloria said.

The new park is located next to a senior living facility and community health clinic. Soon, a skate park will also be built near the park. The city recently approved $250,000 to build the skate park near the YMCA on Landis Street.

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Avatar for user 'Peking_Duck_SD'

Peking_Duck_SD | February 3, 2014 at 11:28 p.m. ― 3 years ago

I love the idea of a park for adults.

Now, how about a section of town with restaurants and stores where kids are discouraged.

I'm not trying to sound mean nor do I hate kids, but I think variety makes a great community.

Not every inch of the city needs to be "child friendly" or "child accessible".

It may not be a politically correct thing to say, but I know many people who feel this way. In fact, I'm waiting for an airline to introduce child-free flights that have a fee.

I guarantee people would pay a reasonable fee and the flights would be booked constantly.

I know, I know, everyone's kid is a darling little angel and I am just a big 'ol meanie for suggesting such outrageousness.

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