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Developing San Diego’s Zero Waste Plan

Developing San Diego's Zero Waste Plan


Ken Prue, Waste Reduction Manager, city of San Diego

Rebecca Hays, Recycling Specialist, city of San Diego


San Diego has set an ambitious goal to be waste free by 2040. Currently, 68 percent of the city's waste is diverted away from landfills for recycling.


Zero Waste-San Diego Plan

Zero Waste-San Diego Plan

Document: A Vision for Zero Waste - Leadership in San Diego

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San Diego city officials are proud of the current level of recycling.

But there is concern that the city is stuck at that number. The recycling rate hasn't improved in three years.

Rebecca Hays, a recycling specialist for the city of San Diego, told KPBS Midday Edition the new recycling initiative will get the city on track to its goal.

“We have a really great food recycling program in place right now but we do want to expand it," she said. "We have applied for grant funding to expand our compost take-in system so that we can compost things more quickly which will allow us to take in more materials. So if we are able to expand our green waste collection we’ll have the capacity to receive those materials and process them in a timely manner. “

In order to jump start San Diego recycling efforts, a series of meetings are underway to develop a zero waste plan.

California says cities have to recycle 75 percent of waste by 2020.

Quinn Owen contributed to this story.

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To view PDF documents, Download Acrobat Reader.