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Roundtable: City Code Breakers; More One Paseo; 2014 Economic Outlook

Jan. 3
By Pat Finn, Tom Fudge
0 Comments /news/2014/jan/03/roundtable-city-code-breakers-more-one-paseo-2014-/
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A group you've never heard of is shaping city development codes. This year, the rubber meets the road at One Paseo. And San Diego's economic outlook for 2014 is not too shabby, experts say.

Roundtable: San Diego's Top Stories of 2013

Dec. 27
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
2 Comments /news/2013/dec/27/roundtable-top-san-diego-stories-2013/
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The top story of 2013? Mayor Bob Filner's resignation, no contest. But others also left a big impression on our region, including the closings of San Onofre and San Diego Hospice.

Roundtable: Use Medical Pot, Lose Your Kids; Somalis Appeal Conviction; Pope Francis Simply Appeals

Dec. 20
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
0 Comments /news/2013/dec/20/roundtable-use-medical-pot-lose-your-kids-somalis-/
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In San Diego County, using medical marijuana can cost you your kids. Four Somalis convicted in San Diego file an appeal. Pope Francis seems to appeal to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Roundtable: Filner Sentenced, Revenge Porn Busted, Car Culture Questioned

Dec. 13
By Pat Finn, Tom Fudge
3 Comments /news/2013/dec/13/roundtable-filner-sentenced-revenge-porn-busted-ca/
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Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced to house arrest and probation. The San Diego owner/operator of a revenge porn website was arrested for extortion and charges. A North County summit takes on the automobile.

Roundtable: Tuite Not Guilty; Genetic Testing Shutdown; Drones Coming To San Diego?

Dec. 6
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
1 Comment /news/2013/dec/06/roundtable-testing-drones-sd-genetic-testing-shutd/
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Will San Diego County be one of six drone-testing sites? The FDA tells a California company to stop selling genetic test kits. And Richard Tuite's retrial for killing Stephanie Crowe lurches toward a close.

Roundtable: Rolando Megadorm, Bitcoin Fever, Holiday Films

Nov. 29
By Pat Finn, Tom Fudge
0 Comments /news/2013/nov/29/roundtable-rolando-megadorm-bitcoin-fever-holiday-/
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Is the new construction at 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard a megadorm or luxury apartments? Bitcoins are virtual, pricey and, right now, relatively useless. And are any films worth our time and money this season?

Roundtable: JFK Assassination Changed TV Forever; Mayoral Race Presents Real Choice

Nov. 22
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
0 Comments /news/2013/nov/22/roundtable-jfk-assassination-changed-tv-forever-ma/
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TV and news coverage were never the same after the assassination of President Kennedy -- and neither were we. The San Diego mayor's race rolls on toward a choice not many thought they would be making.

Roundtable: Food Stamp Cuts; Navy Bribery Scandal; Mayoral Race

Nov. 15
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
1 Comment /news/2013/nov/15/roundtable-food-stamp-cuts-navy-bribery-scandal-ma/
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The poor now have to get by with even less. A rare bribery scandal ensnares two admirals along with an NCIS agent. And where do we stand now that San Diego's mayoral primary is almost here?

Roundtable: Money, Polls & Debates in Mayor's Race; Anger Developing Over Linkage Fees

Nov. 8
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
0 Comments /news/2013/nov/08/roundtable-money-polls-debates-mayors-race-anger-d/
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Big money being spent, positions staked out and voter sentiment gauged in the San Diego mayor's race. Plus, local developers angry over higher fees to support affordable housing.

Roundtable: Sara Kruzan Is Out, Mayoral Plans Are In, City Moves Forward On New EMS Provider

Nov. 1
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
0 Comments /news/2013/nov/01/roundtable-sara-kruzan-out-mayoral-plans-are-city-/
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Sara Kruzan, whose life sentence without parole at age 16 became a cause celébré, has been released. The top three mayoral candidates have plans for just about everything. And this week the city decided to move ahead on competitive bids for its 911 ambulance service, effectively eliminating San Diego Fire from the bidding.

Roundtable: Obamacare Lurches Forward; Alarm Over Fire Alarms; Age Discrimination At NCTD

Oct. 25
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
0 Comments /news/2013/oct/25/roundtable-obamacare-lurches-forward-alarm-over-fi/
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The launch of Obamacare was pretty rough, but is it smooth sailing for Covered California? Broken fire alarms at Sweetwater USD have set off alarms. The CEO of North County Transit District is sued for firing older women to replace them with younger ones.

Roundtable: Shutdown Is Shut Down; Filner Makes A Plea; Mayoral Candidates Talk It Up

Oct. 18
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
3 Comments /news/2013/oct/18/roundtable-shutdown-shutdown-filner-makes-plea-may/
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What's next now that the government shutdown has been shut down? What's in Bob Filner's plea agreement with the California Attorney General? The top candidates for mayor are debating pretty much non-stop — so what are they saying?

Roundtable: Money And The Mayor's Race, Convention Center Vote, Development Developments

Oct. 11
By Pat Finn, Alison St John
3 Comments /news/2013/oct/11/roundtable-money-and-mayors-race-convention-center/
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From where is the money piling up in the mayor's race coming? The Coastal Commission says yes to the expansion of the convention center. San Diego's urban architect-developers think small and dense.

Roundtable: The U.S. Powers Down, Obamacare Powers Up, Mayor's Race Powers On

Oct. 4
By Pat Finn, Alison St John
0 Comments /news/2013/oct/04/roundtable-us-powers-down-obamacare-powers-mayors/
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The U.S. government closed its doors. Obamacare opened for business. The San Diego mayor's race is going nonstop.

Roundtable: Did Sunroad Pay To Play? Will Faulconer Mean Republican Comeback? Longer Runway For Palomar?

Sept. 27
By Pat Finn, Mark Sauer
0 Comments /news/2013/sep/27/roundtable-sunroad-pay-play-will-faulconer-mean-re/
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What was behind that $100,000 Sunroad donation to Mayor Filner's pet causes? Will Kevin Faulconer's candidacy mean a comeback for local Republicans? And Palomar Airport in Carlsbad may get a runway extension — or not.