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Andy Trimlett

Contributor through May 2015

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Andy Trimlett received his M.A. in Middle East studies from the University of Washington and his B.A. in international security and conflict resolution from San Diego State University.

Andy has worked as a producer for KPBS for seven years, working on everything from A Salute to Vienna to Panda Tales and even a zombie-themed fundraising video. He received a regional Emmy for a KPBS documentary he co-produced about Proposition 13.

Outside of KPBS, he is currently directing a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Recent Stories

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Listening To 150 Bands Courtesy Of North Park Music Thing

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Culture Lust contributor Andy Trimlett listened to all 150-plus bands playing in this weekend's local music fest, the North Park Music Thing. He survived, though he's still amped up and suffered slight hearing loss.

Envision San Diego

Proposition 13: A Look Back

In 1978 disco was king, Jerry Brown was Governor, and the people ruled. They voted 2-to-1 in favor of Proposition 13, rolling back property taxes.

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Tom Waits' "Glitter and Doom Live" Is Perfect For Under The Tree

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If you're a last minute shopper for holiday gifts and you have a music lover on your list, consider the new album from Tom Waits, "Glitter and Doom Live." Culture Lust contributor and Waits fan Andy Trimlett has this recommendation.

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Girl Talk, The Musical Dr. Frankenstein

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Check out this interview with Girl Talk where you can read about a toilet paper gun and US copyright law in the same story.

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In the Trailer with the Silversun Pickups

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Find out if the Silversun Pickups can play their own song on Guitar Hero, plus their thoughts on art and music.

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The Quasi-Controlled Madness That is The Burning of Rome

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See video and interviews of San Diego's own megaphone-toting rock band The Burning of Rome.

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Art From the Cool Kids at Subtext Gallery

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Culture Luster Andy Trimlett heads over to Subtext Gallery to check out the work of some emerging artists and see what the cool kids are up to.

Blog post

KPBS Producer Andy Trimlett Goes T-Shirt Hunting in San Diego

Recently, I grabbed my friend Lee and embarked on a grand quest to find cool t-shirts in San Diego. In normal times, shops that sell artistic t-shirts appear and disappear at Whack-a-Mole speed. But this economy has turned the San Diego t-shirt industry into a horror movie.

Zia: The Born-Again Pizza Experience

The current slices on offer at Zia's Gourmet Pizza. Photo by Andy Trimlett

Blog post

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For many people in San Diego, the $50 meal is one of those golden memories from the good ol' days of six months ago. These are the days of cheap food. Thankfully, in San Diego, cheap does not equal bad.

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