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Ashley Rodriguez

Contributor through May 2015

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Ashley Rodriguez is a coordinator in KPBS’ Diversity, Community Engagement and Grants department, tasked with building relationships with diverse communities and leaders in San Diego. In collaboration with community organizations, schools, and other public media stations, Ashley coordinates events tied to KPBS and PBS programs such as Not In Our Town and Freedom Riders. She also coordinates engagement activities for the multi-station collaborative Fronteras: The Changing America Desk.

Ashley began working at KPBS as a part-time assistant while attending San Diego State University. In 2011, Ashley was awarded the Susan and Stephen L. Weber Education and Community Engagement Fellow and graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in international security and conflict resolution.

Recent Stories

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Frank Meeink: Transforming Hate

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What does evil look like? Just ask Frank Meeink, who became a skinhead at age 13, and spent years struggling with the demons inside him—the ones that caused him to pick fights for no reason, sometimes beating his victims senseless. It took incarceration to help him turn his life around, a life that was captured in the film, American History X.

Local Community Organizations

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These are local Vietnamese oriented organizations in the San Diego area.

'The Gangster We Are All Looking For': Chapter Five "nu' o ' c"

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The last chapter finalizes the transition and feelings of the young narrator.

'The Gangster We Are All Looking For': Chapter One "suh-top"

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The first chapter introduces us to our anonymous narrator and the beginning of her migration.

'The Gangster We Are All Looking For': Chapter Two "palm"

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Chapter two describes a family reuniting and the realizations of immigration.

Chapter Three "the gangster we are all looking for"

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The third chapter delves into symbolic representations during a turbulent time for the family.

"The Gangster We Are All Looking For": Connections & Resources

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From food to film, "The Gangster We Are All Looking For" offers many connections to be made and resources to be discovered within the San Diego area.


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Many themes can be discovered and discussed in "The Gangster We Are Looking For".

Genre: True-life Novel

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This true life novel spans many genre's, making it a relatable read for many people, especially San Diegans.

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