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Jill Replogle

Fronteras Reporter

Photo of Jill Replogle

Jill Replogle is a Fronteras reporter in San Diego. She has been a journalist for more than 10 years, reporting from Central America, Mexico, and California.

She has produced radio and video features for PRI's The World, KALW (San Francisco), Current TV, and the Video Journalism Movement. Her print stories have been published in The Miami Herald,, The Christian Science Monitor and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as in Guatemalan newspapers SigloXXI, ElPeriodico and Inforpress Centroamericana.

Jill has a bachelor's degree in geography from the University of Colorado Boulder and a master's degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley. She's covered everything from local and international politics, to crime and drug violence, to environmental and public health issues.

When she's not on the job, you might find her biking, scrambling up a rock somewhere, or otherwise exploring the outdoors.

Recent Stories

Battle Over Escondido Golf Course Comes Down To Measure H

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Many of those opposed to Measure H don’t play golf, but they think a developer's plans to allow more than 400 homes on former fairways will crowd the neighborhood and decrease property values.

Hackathon Brings Together Baja California's Young Techies

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The hackathon was part of Tijuana Innovadora, a conference about technology, food and fashion.

Dozens Arrested In Imperial County Drug Bust

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Authorities arrested 43 people in predawn raids Tuesday that prosecutors said are linked to a large-scale methamphetamine and heroin trafficking organization in Imperial County.

Immigration Holds Plummet In First Year Of California's Trust Act

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California's Trust Act, which took effect this year, limits the ability of local law enforcement to comply with ICE requests to hold immigrants.

Escondido City Council Rejects Proposed Migrant Youth Shelter

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The Escondido City Council voted 4-1 Wednesday night to side with its Planning Commission, which had said no to a proposed migrant shelter for youth caught crossing the border illegally.

San Diego Ebola Teach-In Aims To Dispel Myths, Stimulate Action

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Some people mistakenly think Ebola is an airborne disease: one of the myths Partners in Health hopes to dispel at a teach-in Tuesday evening.

Susan Weber, Wife Of Former SDSU President, Dies

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Susan Keim Weber, who was involved in university outreach when her husband, Stephen, was president of SDSU, died Monday at their home in Maine.

Congressman Hunter: 10 ISIS Terrorists Tried To Enter U.S.

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Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, told Fox News that at least 10 ISIS fighters were apprehended trying to cross into Texas from Mexico. The Homeland Security secretary's response: “We have no credible, specific intelligence to that effect.”

Changes In Voting Process Could Benefit Non-English Speakers

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Legal permanent residents can now be poll workers in California, and voters can now find language assistance at San Diego polling places in seven Asian languages.

Judge Clears Way For Trial Of Border Agents Over Taser Death

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A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that border agents who beat and shot a man with a Taser won't get summary judgment and can go to trial.

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